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Sunday, 08 August 2010 23:57


It's time to set PR's & feel better instantly!!!

I can't begin to tell you how truly AMPED I am about this product! It is, hands down, the most comprehensive resource you will ever find on the topic! I truly feel that this DVD/manual package will "change the game" forever with regards to warming up! Gone are the days of skipping your warm-up because it's "boring", you're "pressed for time", or you "just don't know how" to perform a proper warm-up; AMPED will also shed light on the "overreaction" that has occurred over the past couple years regarding the warm-up...AMPED will actually supercharge you for your workout (in a time-efficient manner), as opposed to taking all day to complete and frying you out before you even start to train!

North Bergen's All-County high school linebacker, Vinny Ascolese, rehearses the AMPED "Pre-Combine Warm-up" before heading to Oklahoma for an All-American Combine


AMPED is a DVD/Manual package. The DVD includes over an hour of warm-up exercises that are demonstrated and fully explained by myself and/or Smitty from the Diesel Crew. We break down the warm-up exercises into upper body, lower body and full body. We further categorize them by distinguishing between activation exercises, mobility exercises and self-myofascial release exercises. The DVD alone is worth the investment in this product, but the manual is what really brings everything together and puts AMPED in a league of its own!

Along with the AMPED DVD, you will receive a 300-page manual that has pictures and bullet points of every single warm-up exercise that's explained in the DVD. We did this because we realize that not everyone will remember every single exercise (or the techniques) that are explained in the dvd. We figured having a physical manual that you can throw in your gym bag and bring to the gym would add a TON of value to this product! This enables you to look through the manual and "remind" yourself of some of the exercises and key points while you're actually at the gym.

Pat Cole stayed loose in between events at this years World's Strongest Athlete Contest by using many of the exercises outlined in AMPED! He is pictured above performing Cossack Squats before his legendary prowler push in double-overtime!



The manual doesn't only provide pictures and descriptions; we included 10 sample warm-ups for 10 different situations/workouts! The reason we did this was because we know that people want to be told what to do! Most of our followers are athletes, businessmen and Average Joe's who don't want a bunch of "fluff" or "filler"; they want us to cut to the chase and just tell them what exercises need to be done in order to achieve their goal. And THIS is where we feel most other products on the subject are lacking; most DVD's will show you 30-40 warm-up exercises and then... the dvd just ends without providing any information on how to organize the information into a program/routine! Smitty and I did everyone a huge favor and we took the guesswork out of the equation! Amped DVD explains the "how's" and "why's", while the manual gives you actual warm-ups for almost any workout or situation!

Here are the TEN warm-ups that are provided in the AMPED manual...

#1) Upper Body Warm-up

#2) Lower Body Warm-up

#3) Full-Body Warm-up

#4) Post-workout/Gameday Recovery

#5) "I Hate Warming up" Warm-up

#6) The Porn-Star Warm-up (extra hip mobility)

#7) Pre-Combine Warm-up

#8) 225-pound Bench Press Test Warm-up

#9) Bitch-Slap Your CNS Warm-up

#10) Loosen Your Low-back Warm-up

DePaul HS football standout, Jon Wozney, set a HUGE PR in the bench press after performing the "Bitch Slap Your CNS" Warm-up outlined in AMPED!


Although I can write all day about the performance increases we've witnessed with our athletes once we started incorporating AMPED; I couldn't end this blog post without touching upon the TRUE value of AMPED...and the true value lies in getting healthy and/or staying healthy! Because as we all know, you can't train if you're injured!

Ironically, I'm writing this blog post after spending all day at the New York Hospital for Special Surgery with my dad. We were there for my dad's shoulder replacement consultation. Yup, you read that right; Big George D. has to have his shoulder replaced next month. The sad thing is that the severe damage in my father's shoulder could have been completely preventable if he "knew then what he knows now." Although my dad has done a million things RIGHT during his weightlifting career; it's the one thing he didn't do that he's paying the price for now. My dad will be the first one to tell you that he has NEVER stretched or performed a mobility exercise a day in his life! The second he stepped foot in a gym he lifted hard and heavy - and he did this day in - and day out - for over 40 years! As we were driving over the GWB on our way home, we discussed the irony of AMPED being released the same day that my dad was told he had to have his shoulder replaced...a surgery that he himself will tell you could have been prevented by spending just 5-10 extra minutes each time he stepped foot in the gym -- warming up, performing some simple stretches/activation exercises and/or utilizing a foam roller/lax ball on occasion.

If AMPED were around 30-40 years ago, my dad wouldn't be looking at 9 months of shoulder rehab

Whether you choose to purchase AMPED or not; hopefully my dad's story will be the "wake-up call" some people need in order to take this aspect of their workout much more seriously! The warm-up shouldn't be overlooked anymore; in fact, it CAN'T BE OVERLOOKED!

To learn more about AMPED, or to purchase this product, goto! This is the official AMPED website and the only place you will be able to buy this product!




There's no more excuses for not warming up; AMPED provides quick, unique warm-ups that will actually have you looking forward to this aspect of your workout, instead of dreading it! Get STRONGER, Get FASTER, Get HEALTHIER, Get AMPED!!!

-Joe D.



"Behind the Scenes" - World's Strongest Athlete VIP Charity Dinner & Contest!

Sunday, 18 July 2010 14:33

Pat Cole provided a "Hollywood ending" to an awe-inspiring week!

I have to be honest. I've been sitting behind my computer for three straight hours, trying to write my recap of this years World's Strongest Athlete Contest & Charity Dinner, but I just can't do it. There is no way I can capture everything that's gone down during the past 5 days; I'd literally have to spend about a week straight in front of the computer. So what I've decided to do is provide my readers with one of my "Behind the Scenes" features.

So for those of you who didn't attend our VIP Charity Dinner or our World's Strongest Athlete Contest this year; you're now a "fly on the wall". Here are some random highlights from this past weeks events...


To raise more money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society this year, we added a VIP Charity Dinner at the Brownstone three days before our World's Strongest Athlete Contest. Words cannot describe what an incredible evening it was. Two hundred of our closest friends, family members, clients and sponsors came together to help us raise awareness - and money - for Multiple Sclerosis research!

Although I was going to keep this private; I've decided to share my opening speech at the VIP dinner with the world. Hopefully this helps raise more awareness to the MS SOCIETY & people living with MS...

One of the things that made the Charity dinner very special was the support we received from my NFL clients. ALL 8 NFL players that are staying in NJ right now to train with me, showed up and contributed to the charity! Auctioning off Dave Diehl's Pro Bowl Jersey & Brian Cushing's jersey's alone raised $3000 for the charity!

The NFL crew gets a pic with the STRONGEST person in the room

In the photo (standing, from left to right): Anthony Cotrone (formerly w/ Jacksonville Jaguars), Kevin Brock (Dallas Cowboys tight end), Brian Cushing (Houston Texans linebacker), Vinny Ciurciu (Detroit Lions linebacker), Joe DeFranco, David Diehl (NY Giants tackle), Mackenzy Bernadeau (Carolina Panthers guard), Kevin Walter (Houston Texans wide receiver) IN FRONT: Lucy DeFranco, Brian Witherspoon (Carolina Panthers punt/kick returner)



The charity dinner on Wednesday definitely set the tone for a great event on Saturday...and a GREAT event it was!

We had professional photographers & videographers covering the event, so I don't want to show too much footage or pics right now. We will be providing the professional, in-depth footage & results on this blog as soon as we receive them! But, I know people are dying for the results, so I'll hold you guys over by revealing the winners now. I've also provided a quick "teaser" video of the event so you can get a feel for just how intense it was on Saturday!


Kevin Kelly - NJ State Police



Andrew Sklover - Monmouth University, football



Pat Cole, Hasbrouck Heights HS (New Jersey) - Track & Field


Check out this video teaser...

In case you were wondering; the clips of the prowler sprints at the end were from the High School Division's tie-breaker! Patrick Cole & Travis Woods from Edison, NJ, were tied after the four events so they did a sudden-death "prowler push-off"!

Here's a still shot of the finish line during their first "overtime"...


If you look closely, you'll see both kids are AIRBORN! Talk about giving 110%!

It was WAY TOO CLOSE to call - and we didn't have conclusive video or photo evidence - so these two young warriors had to do it again...DOUBLE-OVERTIME after a grueling 3-hour event in the brutal humidity!


Double-Overtime goes to the 16-year-old manchild, Pat Cole!



Stay tuned for more pics, videos and in-depth highlights from this years World's Strongest Athlete weekend!!!

Leave us your comments below and let us know your thoughts on this year's event highlights!

-Joe D.













Sunday, 11 July 2010 19:09


As many of you know, our World's Strongest Athlete Contest is less than one week away!! On Saturday, July 17th, some of the toughest and strongest athletes from across the globe will gather at Overtime Sports Facility in Wayne, NJ, to battle it out for the title of "World's Strongest Athlete"!

Before Saturday's event, I wanted to post some important reminders:

#1) ALL competitors must bring a check made out to "World's Strongest Athlete, LLC" or $75 cash in order to compete!!!

#2) You cannot compete unless you registered online!

#3) We recommend ALL COMPETITORS arrive at 11:00am so they have time to register, get settled, etc. The contest will start at 12:00!

#4) All spectators are welcome...we recommend getting there early because we're expecting a capacity crowd!


Our athletes have been training their asses off all summer in preparation of this should be a great show!


See you guys at Overtime Sports Facility (321 Hamburg Turnpike) in Wayne, NJ, on Saturday!


All proceeds from WSA will be donated to the MS Society

-Joe D.



Just in case you guys thought I've been "slacking" this summer due to my lack of blog posts; here's some updates regarding what's been occupying my time:


In order to better serve our athletes, we've moved next door (literally) into a 6000 square foot warehouse! Although this move was no easy task, it's finally starting to come together, and the finished product will be SECOND TO NONE! Here's a sneak peak at our new location...


The new "Mecca" of athletic training
740/750 Braen Ave., Wyckoff, NJ 07481

We are still waiting on some equipment deliveries and other "toys"...when everything arrives, I will be posting a virtual tour of the new facility. I've also spoken with Dave Tate regarding a potential mega-seminar at my new facility in the fall! Stay tuned...

-Joe D.


AMPED WARM-UP DVD/MANUAL is complete & will be available soon!



I am EXTREMELY excited about this product!! As many of you know, I'm not one of these "trainers" that puts out a new product every other week. My days are spent in the gym, training athletes -- that's how I make my living. But, when I feel that there's information that's super-high quality, proven, & worthwhile for athletes/coaches around the world, I'll put out a product. Such was the case when Smitty from the Diesel Crew contacted me a couple months ago regarding a dvd/manual specifically geared towards warming up and preventing injury/improving performance!

One of the things that myself and Smitty discussed was how much interest our "warm-up" youtube videos received! For example, my lax ball myofacial release video generated more interest than many of my "performance" videos! Likewise, Smitty's Ultimate 2-Minute Shoulder Warm-up still stands out to me as one of the most valuable youtube videos on his channel...I still personally use it with many of my athletes!

So we decided to put together a comprehensive product on this often overlooked - and misunderstood -  aspect of performance. After months of brainstorming, filming, writing and taking pictures; we ended up with AMPED WARM-UP! The final product consists of a kick-ass, instructional DVD & 300-page manual!!

Check out this video to learn more about the specifics of AMPED...

This product is now complete and we're just waiting on our first batch of packages to arrive! It will be for sale at in the very near future! Subscribe to my FREE newsletter (in the upper/right hand corner of this page) to receive an email when AMPED is released!

-Joe D.



From Punk Skater to All-State(er)

Sunday, 27 June 2010 18:03

The Pat Cole Story


Joe DeFranco


Four years ago, a 150-pound, self-proclaimed “skate punk”, walked into our facility looking to get bigger and stronger so he could play high school football. But, truth be told, the first couple months of training weren’t exactly “focused” for Pat Cole. Maybe it was the immaturity of being an 8th grader (and one of the youngest athletes in our gym); or maybe things just hadn’t “clicked” yet for the young man.

Enter Coach John Impallomeni.

A couple months into Pat’s training, I set him up with a different trainer - John Impallomeni. John really focused on teaching Pat proper form in our “foundational” exercises - box squat, bench press, deadlift, chin-ups and box jumps - rather than just letting him “go through the motions”. According to Pat, as he started learning how to lift properly - and seeing progress - he began to “want to come to the gym more and more.”

After about a year of working with John and taking his training seriously, Pat’s physique and strength really started to transform. But it was at this time that Pat received some devastating news from his doctor during a football physical; Pat’s doctor informed him that he had a leaking aortic valve and playing football would not be a “healthy choice” for his heart.

Turning a negative into a positive

Instead of “hanging up his cleats” and giving up, Pat decided to take up track & field - more specifically, the shot put. His best throw during his freshman year was 43 feet; this was considered a “pretty good” start for Pat. But, “pretty good” wasn’t good enough for Pat Cole. He wanted to be the best. So he decided to totally engross himself in the sport and train specifically for the shot put. In less than one year, he added over 10 feet to his best throw! (He threw 53’ 02” as a sophomore.) This was also the year his best box squat went from 275 lbs. to 405 lbs.! Check out the videos below…

Pat Cole squats 275 X 2 as a freshman!

Pat Cole squats an easy 405 on his 16th Birthday!

There is a good lesson to be learned here for all coaches and trainers; I feel one of the keys to Pat’s success in the gym during this critical year of training was John’s focus on proper form, as opposed to implementing fancy programs. Way too many coaches look for “quick fixes” and fancy programs during the early years of an athlete’s training. Focusing on exercise form - as well as getting stronger in the “foundational” lifts - will build the best foundation for young athletes. Pat is living proof of this.


Once Pat developed a base level of strength, John started adding more jumps and throws, as well as specialty barbells for squatting (safety bar & cambered bar are staples) and some strongman-type exercises into Pat’s program. Speaking of Pat’s program, here’s an inside look at Pat’s Lower Body Strength Workout from last week:

1. Weighted Box Jumps, holding DB’s: 5×3 (Worked up to 35” box, holding 35lb. DB’s)

2. Cambered Bar, Low Box Squats (12” box): Worked up to 430 x 1!

3. Prowler Sprints: 6 X 15 yards

4. Barbell Russian Twists: 4 X 10 each side

*Pat’s program changes from week to week, depending on track meets, technical training, traveling, etc. He usually performs Upper/Lower training splits, although Full Body workouts are also used when he can’t get to the gym two or more times in a week.


This type of training has been a recipe for success for Pat. He added another four feet to his PR from the previous year with a 57’ 03” throw this year as a high school junior! Going into his senior year, Pat’s resume includes the following:

1st Team All-County – (Indoor & Outdoor Shot put)

4-Time Group 1 State Champ (2 indoor, 2 outdoor)

6th Place Finish at prestigious Penn Relays

Pat Cole – Penn Relays

Power of the Internet

Pat is currently being recruited by major Division I Universities throughout the country; he has his “on-field” performance and work ethic to thank for that. But, I wanted to add a note to this article for all the coaches, trainers and gym owners who are reading this; one of the things that Pat’s dad informed us has been a huge help in the recruiting process are the YouTube videos we’ve posted of Pat. In fact, a major BIG 12 University contacted Pat after seeing his 405 squat video and they are making a house visit this month! The Cole family couldn’t be more excited.

YouTube videos allow college coaches and recruiters to see how athletes train when “no one is watching.” This just may be the “x-factor” for a coach/recruiter that has two athletes graded equally on the field, yet he/she only has one scholarship to offer and needs something to separate the athletes. An athlete’s off-field work ethic or physical strength just may be the “x-factor” that separates one athlete from another. So even though posting videos may mean “more work” for you, it just may help one of your athlete’s get a scholarship or get recognized by a college that otherwise would have never known about him/her. And let’s be honest, having a “Pat Cole” representing you and your facility for the world to see, won’t exactly hurt business.

-Joe D.


**For those interested, Pat will be competing in the High School Division of this year's World's Strongest Athlete Competition! Although Pat was the youngest of all the competitors in the HS Division last year, he still placed in the Top 5. This year, he's looking to take home the title! This is only one (of many) interesting storylines that will be played out at this years event! Don't miss it! Even if you're not competing, you can still come out and support the competitors and the charity! For more information, goto!








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