Episode # 36

10 [Popular] Exercises That Suck & How To Fix Them!

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Released on November 5, 2015

In this weeks episode, Joe exposes 10 common exercises that suck [or can be problematic] and how you can make them better!  Here’s a list of the exercises that Joe analyzed and then “fixed” on this weeks show…

  1. Upright Rows
  2. Barbell Bench Press
  3. Tricep Extensions, aka, “Skull Crushers”
  4. Leg Extensions
  5. Leg Curls
  6. Romanian Deadlifts (RDL’s)
  7. “Donkey Kicks”
  8. Front Lunges
  9. Jumps Squats / Broad Jumps
  10. Steady-state Cardio / Distance Running

*Industrial Strength Show [EXCLUSIVE]: During this podcast, Joe also reveals a new never-before-seen exercise that’s guaranteed to turn your delts into pumpkins! [while keeping them healthy]


Joe D. reveals the “DeFranco Cuban Press” for the very 1st time…


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Awesome podcast yet again! But what about the legpress that everyone in sweden seem to love, cause it seem “safer” and “easier” Than squatting.. Never let My athletes use the hip/adductor/Low back destroyer..and i haven’t seen the legpress next to the defranco name Yet ? Just forgot to mention IT? Can’t wait till thursday!!

  2. Joe,
    The last 2 podcasts have been amazing. I love when you, “Keep it simple”. The meathead in me benefits greatly from easy to comprehend suggestions. Example I got 100 extra chin ups and 500 mini band pull a parts in this week. I am a huge fan of Built Like a Badass and Built to Last. The exercises you covered this week are important in both programs. Thanks.
    The podcast is the one or 2 hours of the week, if you are on a rant, that I focus on improving my training. Listening is also a great way to pass the time while doing steady state cardio.It is the best deal in fitness. !!! Thanks WHAT YOU DO MATTERS!!!!!

  3. LANA – Thanks for the feedback on the show…..and I LOVE the idea of adding the eccentric Lateral Raise (w/ thumbs up) to the “DeFranco Cuban Press”!! AWESOME IDEA! (I will definitely be incorporating that :))

  4. I just want to thank you for all the improvements you have caused me to make in my training career. I can’t help but agree with Dan that Thursday’s have become my equivalent of Christmas as I anxiously await the new episode each week. I just wanted to make a quick comment on the shoulder upright row replacement exercise. First of all I love all of the shoulder shocker exercises and have watched them so many times in order to program them in my own training as well as for my clients. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your passion for training. So the Defranco Cuban press is awesome but I tried a different variation of the eccentric portion of the exercise that really engaged the medial delts. From the top of the “Y” press, slowly lower back to the starting position with the eccentric of a lateral raise, Dumbbells in a hammer position. Lighter weights have to be used but it feels so Good! Would love to hear your feedback on this option. Thanks for your dedication and inspiration. I’m saving up for the CPPS and I can’t wait to meet you and Jim Smith in person.

  5. DAN – Your comment means a LOT!! (When I was in college, I used to sit outside and wait for the mailman to deliver the newest issue of “MUSCLE MEDIA” magazine each month, so I know “that feeling”…and to now be the guy that produces something that gives other people that feeling of anticipation/excitement each and every week is VERY cool (and humbling) for me. So thanks again for taking the time to leave the comment. YOU just made MY week 🙂 Have a great week brother! -Joe D.

  6. Hi Joe

    I just wanted to write a quick review of the podcast…I don’t post much on Social Media so hope it’s OK to write it here. The best compliment I can give is that Thursdays and the Industrial Strength Show remind me of how I used to feel the day the new issues of FLEX and MUSCLEMAG were due to be in the shops 20 years or so ago and more recently ASK JOE Friday’s on your ‘old’ website!! #OriginalDisciple 🙂 I literally start refreshing the podcast page on your website from midday (UK time) on a Thursday to see if the new one’s up…it reminds me of being a kid again…I’m 36 now so should grow up really haha

    I find there is something to take away and implement from each and every podcast, whether it’s a new set/rep scheme, a new exercise, new food/supplement, a quick stretch/mobility drill to try, a life lesson from Dave Diehl, Smitty, Brian Cushing etc – there’s always something. After being stuck in a rut and repeatedly injuring myself on the same program for many years coming back to the DeFranco methods of training (not that I’ve ever stopped following your work) has reinvigorated my training – I’m currently on the second week of Built 2 Last and loving it!

    I have recently started printing off the show notes and adding additional notes to your bullet points and also your answers to some of the questions in the comments section. I plan on eventually going back through the older podcasts and doing this for them too.

    Thanks so much for providing all the information that you do each and every week!!

    All the best,

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