Episode # 71

The 3 Most Undervalued Aspects of Programming

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Released on July 28, 2016

Joe starts this weeks episode by explaining the podcasting “audio fiasco” he’s been dealing with. He then attempts (for the third time) to begin this weeks show. He starts by telling the audience about his recent family getaway and how it affected #OperationRebuildJoeD. Then he shares some cutting edge research that he’s involved in regarding “Med Ball Volleyball”. He spends the last part of the show talking about the 3 most undervalued aspects of programming and how they have affected the success of his gym and brand.



1:00 – Joe explains why there was no show last week (and how there almost was no show this week as well)

21:05 – Joe fills the audience in on his recent family getaway

23:40 – Joe talks about how his family getaway affected #OperationRebuildJoeD

27:15 – Joe shares his most recent Body Comp results (and compares them to his initial Body Comp from 2 months ago)

34:40 – Joe tells the audience how his recent Youtube video [explaining the benefits of Med Ball Volleyball] prompted an NFL Strength coach to email him a research study on “The Biochemical & Hormonal Responses during an Intercollegiate football season”

46:35 – Joe reveals the news regarding the research study that he and his athletes are involved in [regarding the benefits of Med Ball Volleyball]


53:20 – Joe answers the question, “Should novice trainees change their program every few weeks to prevent boredom, or should they stick with the same program as long as they’re continuing to make progress?” 

64:55 – Joe goes on an [educational] rant regarding the 3 most undervalued aspects of programming

84:05 – Joe asks the audience to send him suggestions for next weeks show topic


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Hey Joe, first of all want to say thank you for providing us with your podcast .i enjoy listening to it all the time .As a high school tennis coach I love all information you give to us and implement a lot of the things you discuss .

    Anyways hearing about your audio Fiasco . The only thing I can think of is maybe the new alarm system is causing audio interference .we have had that happen with a P.A. System and our outside electrical was causing a ground loop . Your cables are probably good .
    Other than that you may have to bless your basement Hahahaha .hope the new recorder works well .we would be sad if you Retire

  2. Whats going on OG-JOE D,

    I just want to reach out to you just to say thank you. I have been only following you for 7 months now, but I can truly say outside of my mentor you have truly been the biggest help to me and my young career as a personal trainer/performance coach.

    In January I was introduce to you, by a one of the few classmates I keep in touch with from my strength and conditioning is college, (witch was a joke compared to how you teach in your podcast). And after the first podcast I listened to I was hooked. I believe it was one of the episodes you was talking about speed and agility and how much of a gimmicky the industry has become.

    I then became a member of the Defrancos insider. And trust me when I say, the conversations in forum and the workout programs that are posted has improved my programing so much.

    I also just registered for the CPPS cert in Austin, and look forward to learning from some of the best in the business.

    Thank you for all you do man!!!

    Markeith from Arlington Tx, a proud member of the JOE D insider…

  3. Boo Joe! It’s not just Doctor Tom listening. Put your health first man, I want to hear what Joe D sounds like truly at 100%.

    You know when Pavel Tatsouline teaches bracing he says its like preparing for a punch, and jokes(?) that it can be arranged.

    Did you know that the experiments that established the ideal amount of sleep were done by locking people in a totally dark room with nothing but a cot for 14 hours a night to see how long they slept. Perhaps that too can be arranged 😛

    Seriously though no big deal, just hop back on program. We’re all pulling for you.

    Btw Doc Kirk Parsley might make a good interview and could tell you more about those experiments.

  4. Hey Joe. Thank you for the tremendous podcast. I look forward to it every week. I was wondering with you history of lower back pain, could discuss what your personal lower body training looks like? I understand you are a big believer in box squats. Are those something you personally incorporate into your own training?

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