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4 Stages of Learning a Skill

In this installment of “Ask DeFranco’s Gym“, I discuss whether or not it’s worth the time to “re-learn” how to breathe properly.

Is diaphragmatic breathing valuable enough to fit into your training economy?…

Will it have any transfer to the athletic field?…

Watch the video and find out now!

If you would like to learn more about breathing essentials, I highly recommend attending one of our CPPS courses. You will not only become skilled in diaphragmatic breathing; you will also learn the latest strength, speed, power, mobility and program design techniques, while joining a global network of unbelievable coaches, trainers and therapists!

Our final CPPS course of 2014 is being held in New Jersey on November 15th & 16th. We still have a few spots open so SIGN UP NOW if you’re interested in becoming an internationally-recognized coach, trainer or therapist!

I hope to see you guys in November!

Joe D.



PS – In case you missed it, I posted 2 “abbreviated” warm-ups (one for Upper Body and one for Lower Body) that only take 5 MINUTES to complete, but they’ll make you feel amazing!! Check them out below:

Quick & Easy Lower Body Warm-up


Quick & Easy Upper Body Warm-up



  1. Also look at perceiving, decision making and action. All three plus the ones you mentioned in the videos are key in learning acquisitions by all athletes. You also can train all stages and if done properly really unlock some athletes reaction and thinking.

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