Episode # 244

8 Popular Exercises That Do More Harm Than Good, Understanding Rest Intervals & More!

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Released on December 12, 2019


0:00 – Show overview / announcements

1:25 – Announcement #1: STRONG NY – Health & Wellness Experience 2019

6:35 – Announcement #2: 2020 CPPS Course Schedule

11:30 – Podcast begins…

12:10 – Joe answers today’s 1st question (How Long Should You Rest Between Sets?)

26:15 – Joe goes off on a brief “shopping cart” tangent 🙂

32:30 – Joe begins to discuss today’s 2nd topic (8 Popular Exercises That Do More Harm Than Good!)


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Great pod cast today!! I couldn’t agree more with everything you discussed. I was a strength coach with a local high school from 2010 to 2017 and around 2013/14 I eliminated back squats. We did focus more on pulls (deadlift) and we evolved into exercises like Bulgarian squats, clean pulls or jump shrug and a lot of sport specific training.
    I started all athletes at a basic level (something I learned at a strength clinic at Rutgers) and focused on technique, mechanics, and movements. To help with development in the shoulders, hips etc we worked movements such as wall slides and band variation exercises.
    Results were low injuries, higher endurance, improvement in strength, speed and mental toughness.
    My last year we had our weight room with a mix of athletes and it was a safe environment where everyone was lifting within their means, and pushing for more.

    Great stuff as usual!! I started following and promoting you back in 2012 when someone at the gym I worked at put me on to your “limber 11.” To this day that is my warm up along with my athletes. Thanks for all you do in educating us.

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