Episode # 12

A Day in the Life of Joe D.

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Released on May 21, 2015

In this weeks episode, Joe shares with the world exactly what a “normal” day looks like for him. From his morning rituals and habits (both good and bad) to his personal supplementation routine; Joe lets you become a “fly on his wall” for a 24-hour period.

He then concludes the show with 3 Simple Tips that will help you MAINTAIN YOUR GAINZ during the summer months!

Here are some of the specific topics Joe talks about during the show…

  • The extraordinary benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and how/when Joe recommends taking it
  • Joe’s 2 favorite supplements for whenever he has to perform any kind of “creative writing”
  • Learn the one simple change that Joe made in order to start the day “on his terms”, which dramatically improved his productivity and mood
  • Joe discusses his breakfast and the foundational supplements he takes along with it each morning
  • Learn about the new ritual that Joe does EVERY night before bed that has helped to reduce his low back pain and dramatically improve the quality of his sleep
  • Learn the technique that Joe credits boosting his immune system and preventing him from getting sick (even while living on very little sleep)
  • Hear why Joe feels low calorie diets DON’T get you leaner or help you look better on the beach
  • Joe discusses the MANY benefits of himalayan salt and why you should consider adding it to your water this summer!
  • Joe reveals his secret to drinking and partying over the summer, without waking up a bloated mess with a nasty headache

All this plus LOTS of other tips, tricks and tidbits 🙂


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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