Episode # 213

Andrew Sendejo: From Undrafted to 10-Year NFL Vet!

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Released on May 2, 2019


0:05 – Show intro/overview

8:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active®

12:40 – Andrew Sendejo conversation begins…

13:15 – How/when Andrew first started training w/ Cameron at DeFranco’s

16:20 – The difference in training/mentality as a college athlete vs professional athlete

18:55 – How Andrew helped Cameron become a better strength coach

24:45 – What it’s like being an undrafted rookie free agent in the NFL

31:10 – Andrew runs through his list of NFL injuries/surgeries

35:00 – Andrew’s mental state after going through his second back surgery

2019 marks Andrew Sendejo’s 10th NFL season & his first as a Philadelphia Eagle.

40:55 – Andrew discusses his training limitations and how he works around them

47:45 – If Andrew had to limit his off-season training to just 4 exercises, what would they be?

50:30 – The benefits of “game play” for conditioning

53:20 – The importance of “personal conduct” and being a good “locker room guy”

59:20 – How many more years would Andrew like to play?

1:07:50 – How does Andrew plan on training AFTER he retires?

1:10:05 – Daily habits that have contributed to Andrew’s success

1:17:20 – The 2 stretches Andrew does after every practice

1:21:50 – Andrew’s pre-game warm-up/routine

1:24:50 – Joe shares his first experience attending a Philadelphia Eagles game (wearing head-to-toe Washington Redskins apparel) HINT: It didn’t go well for Joe…


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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