Episode # 66

Ask Joe D. ANYTHING! – Part 2

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Released on June 16, 2016

On this weeks episode, Joe finishes answering the wide variety of Instagram and Facebook questions that he began answering last week.

He also makes a big announcement regarding next weeks [very unique] show!



8:30 – Joe D. makes a public apology?!

11:40 BIG announcement regarding next weeks show!

21:30 – “What have you recently changed your mind about within health/fitness?”

24:50 – “If you were to teach 3 universal human laws/lessons to every graduating high schooler in the world, what would you say to them?”

37:20 – “I’m 5’9″ 210lbs but I have extra body fat that I want to lose. However, I’m trying to push my 405 deadlift to 495. Should I prioritize the fat loss, strength, or try to accomplish both at the same time?” 

39:35 – “One thing you learned from Triple H & Stephanie McMahon?” 

46:45 – “What did you do to advertise your gym back in the very beginning? Or was it a results based Winston-Churchill-quotebusiness?”

55:45 – “What is for favorite quote for motivation?”

59:15 – “When incorporating on-field/on-court sport training into a workout regimen, is it better to do sports training before or after lifting?”

61:00 – “What do you recommend for someone just getting out of college looking to work toward your level of success? Grad school, internship, etc?” 

63:40 – “How would you know when it’s time to ‘hang up the towel’? …What words or advice would you give to someone that doesn’t have what it takes to perform at that next level but really loves the sport and may not want to pack it in?” 

76:30 – “How do you modify training when you have a history of low back pain? Do you change the time of day you train and your exercise selection?” 

81:25 – “How do I know when I’m too old to sprint? Is there an age when it becomes too dangerous?”

83:35 – “Would you ever have your football players on a ketogenic diet during the off-season? If so, for how long?” 

85:30 – “I’m a strong and fast guy but my stamina sucks. I get winded after playing football with all the accelerating, cutting and breaking tackles. My questions is – How do I increase my cardio or stamina without losing speed and strength?”

90:05 – “Why have 2 ‘high’ CNS days back to back on the SB911 protocol? Won’t this hurt overall recovery?” 

95:00 – “I like using ‘fillers’ as a way of adding additional flexibility/mobility work. Would using hip mobility fillers during a max-effort type of lower body exercise cause problems during the heavy sets?” 

96:55 – “Is it possible to increase strength, even if you don’t have enough weight to use the Max-Effort Method?”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. John G. – THAT IS AMAZING!! THANK U so much for sharing… there IS hope for humanity lol!!! :)) Seriously, I really appreciate it. I’ll definitely be looking into this. Thanks again brother.

  2. Joe,

    Love the podcast. I am a Special Ed. Teacher in NJ and I just wanted to let you know about a program we used in 5th grade called JA Biztown that teaches the students how to balance checkbooks, open accounts, buy a car, buy a house, and run a business. It is great, and maybe you can see if the school your kids go to would be interested in using it. I have NO affiliation with this group whatsoever. It was just an incredibly positive experience for my students. http://janj.org/home

    John G.

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