Episode # 65


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Released on June 9, 2016

On this weeks episode, Joe answers a WIDE VARIETY of questions from his listeners. He is joined by Tristan & Jonny from Australia’s #VisionBoardPodcast. 

Here’s a list of the questions Joe answers during the show…



Joe D. with Jonny Stofko & Tristan Knell from Australia’s #VisionBoardPodcast

7:20 – “Who is your greatest mentor?”  

11:15 – “If you had the power to choose one Superpower, which one would you choose and why?” 

12:25 – “What was the biggest challenge dealing with the growth of your business?” 

18:35 – “Is it important to put a timeline on your goals when you start your business?” 

20:45 – “If you could go back in time and do one thing in your career differently or better than the first time, what would it be and why?” 

21:25 – “What are your thoughts on elevation training masks?” 

             Joe D’s food addiction REVEALED!!!

25:35 – “How could one train to best prepare for the zombie apocalypse?”   

28:35 – “What are Joe D’s own training goals right now?”

32:15 – “What’s a BAD day of eating look like for Joe D?” 

39:35 – “Does Joe speak directly with Dave Palumbo regarding Triple H & Stephanie’s diet – and if so, does he tweak their training based on how Dave has them eating?” 

46:00 – “Does Joe ever keep things secret or does he give away ALL aspects of his programming online?”

48:10 – “The speed of my deadlifts off the floor has always been an issue of mine, how can I develop this?”

51:30 – “Who is one athlete, past or present, that you haven’t trained but would love to, and why?”

53:20 – “What’s your mindset when training professional athletes – Are you looking to improve their performance or just help keep them healthy and prolong their career?”

56:35 – “What’s your biggest pet peeve in the fitness industry?”     

65:20 – “What are your thoughts on ‘EA-All-Day’ now that he’s a big part of Monday Night RAW?”

                                                                        The evolution from ‘EA-All-Day’ to ‘Enzo Amore’…

71:30 – “What book have you gifted the most?”

76:00 – “What is your favorite exercise if you could only do one for overall strength and power?”

77:50 – “How did you meet Ashley and was it love at first site?”




Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Hi Joe, I’m wondering what public housing does? I’ve been trying to get housing for over a year now and disabled and homeless not to mention elderly and all hud says is it’s a lottery to get a voucher . From what the rules say it’s done by case by case.and I should be put in front. Not to mention,”what happened to all the taxes from weed sales? We as Americans shouldn’t be on the street. Please help me I’m going to die out here.thanks homeless in Carson

  2. Great podcast as always Joe D.
    I’d be interested to know what sorts of exercises and training you would recommend for swimmers? I picked up a lot of things from when you have covered running, and as a keen swimmer I’d love to hear you thoughts on training for swims. Like the “per mile” barrier, I seem to have hit a “per length” barrier!



  3. This was a great episode, lot of fun to listen to! Tristan & Jonny were interesting, and helped keep the interview moving at a quick pace. Excellent job, once again.

    I have another question that I’d love some of your input: can you provide any comments and guidance on designing a strength program for a large group youth athletes with little to no strength training experience? My situation involves planning for about 30 kids aged 15 to 18. We will have access to a crossfit box once a week and they will have sport-specific practice the other week days. I plan to focus on general overall strength, but my big concern is how to teach 30 kids proper form for barbell lifts at the same time.

    What other concerns should I be planning for that are unique to this type of training?

    Keep up the great work man, your podcast has been very helpful and an inspiration for me to get into strength training (I’m an accountant during the day), which is actually how I got involved in this opportunity to do volunteer coaching for kids.

  4. Thanks for another great podcast.

    I was driving in my car and laughing, so much regarding Ben and Jerry’s. Thanks for sharing.

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