Episode # 154

The Biggest Fitness Scam Ever, What Exercises DON’T Do…and an Impromptu Business Lesson!

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Released on March 1, 2018


1:00 – Show intro / overview

4:40 – Joe reads the first Instagram DM of the show (which leads to an impromptu business lesson)

            Bigger Scam: ThighMaster or Power Balance bracelet?

24:35 – Joe explains the “Joint by Joint Theory” and the relationship between mobility & stability in our body

32:55 – Joe reads the second DM of the show…

37:30 – Joe explains the relationship between the exercise you choose and the resulting adaptation

39:00 – How to turn any exercise into a “power” movement

41:55 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – HEALTH IQ

45:30 – Joe reads the final DM of the show…

49:30 – Joe reveals his choice for the biggest fitness scam of all-time!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Hello coach D,I really appreciate valuable information that you share,and just keep going.This episode was great.
    I have one question for you.
    What is your opinion about vertimax machine, and have you ever been try this machine with your athletes?
    Thank you.
    Greetings from Serbia

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