Episode # 220

Birthdays, Work-Life Balance…and Joe Gets Called a Scam Artist?!

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Released on June 20, 2019


0:00 – Show Intro / Overview

3:15 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – SAXX Underwear

6:50 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Mark Bell’s SlingShot® 

10:30Podcast begins

12:00 – Joe reads a DM from a listener who’s trying to improve his “work-life balance”

18:20 – Joe talks about the lack of “balance” involved in building a business

26:35 – Why Joe didn’t get married until he was almost 40

34:40 – Joe lists all the different aspects of his business

39:30 – Joe reveals a little-known “fun fact” about himself

42:45 – How is Joe able to grind (at 44) just as hard as he worked at 24?!

44:10 – How to find your purpose in life

50:00 – Joe shares his current weekly schedule / work-life balance

53:45Quality of time vs quantity of time

57:00 – Joe reads an email from a listener who is disappointed with him

1:03:00 – Joe reminds the audience why he started his own supplement line 

1:14:05 – How Joe was finally able to optimize his vitamin D levels

1:18:50 – How Joe corrected his magnesium deficiency

1:21:55 – How supplementing w/ pregnenolone changed Joe’s life

1:26:40 – Joe decides to have an impromptu [birthday] $upplement $ale!


  • SAXX Underwear Promo Code: JoeD
  • Mark Bell’s Sling Shot® Discount code: JoeD
Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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