Episode # 453

BONUS SHOW: 7 “Bare Minimum” Fitness/Longevity Standards I Will Try To Maintain…FOREVER!

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Released on January 4, 2024


1:00 – Show intro

11:30 – Joe reads the first winning iTunes review of 2024!

15:05 – Joe reads the email that prompted today’s main show topic

20:00 – The 7 “bare minimum” fitness/longevity standards that Joe plans on maintaining…forever

  1. Upper Body Strength standard [20:15]
  2. Lower Body Strength standard [23:00]
  3. Grip Strength standard [24:20]
  4. Mobility standard [27:10]
  5. Speed/Power standard [33:35]
  6. Cardiovascular Fitness standard [37:00]
  7. Body Composition standard [41:35]

44:30 – Quick recap of Joe’s 7 standards


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Starting with reading the first winning iTunes review of 2024 adds a nice personal touch and engages the audience right from the beginning. It’s great to see the recognition of listeners and their feedback.

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