Episode # 210

Brooklyn Banter: Joe D, Jay Ferruggia & Sean Hayes Talk Training, WWE & More!

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Released on April 11, 2019


0:05 – Wrestlemania weekend recap / show overview

14:35 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Mark Bell’s Sling Shot®

18:30 – Jay Ferruggia & Sean Hayes join the show / Podcast begins…

19:55 – Randy “Macho Man” Savage makes his 1st appearance on today’s show

22:20 – Sean talks about the biggest difference b/t training NFL football players & WWE superstars

26:10 – How [most of] the current WWE/NXT roster warms up before their matches

32:50 – The importance of a post-workout cool down routine

36:20 – Is there such a thing as too much caffeine?

41:45 – The qualities of being a great coach

49:40 – How did Sean get the athletes at the WWE Performance Center to “buy in” to his program?

58:00 – The importance of communicating w/ your athletes

1:08:25 – How to eat a caloric surplus without getting fat

1:16:10 – Best exercises for washed-up meatheads trying to stay explosive

1:22:35 – Top 3 people that Jay, Sean & Joe would love to workout with

1:25:40 – “The Nature Boy”, “Stone Cold” & “Macho Man” end the show with a BANG!


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Thanks for listening!

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