Episode # 198

Building Strong, Resilient Firefighters & Soldiers w/ Matt Wenning

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Released on January 17, 2019

Show Notes & Timestamps

0:10 – Show overview

4:10 – CPPS course announcement 

9:10 – Matt Wenning joins the show…

13:00 – How Matt got his first opportunity working with the military

23:25 – The biggest difference between working with the military vs working with firefighters

27:35 – The origin & benefits of Wenning’s “potentiating” warm-ups

38:50 – Matt explains how he uses a conjugate system to program his core lifts

41:05 – How often does Matt rotate exercises?

46:25 – How Matt gets his firefighters stronger without burning them out

51:30 – Programming “traction-based” exercises vs “compressive” exercises

54:30 – Matt talks about the benefits of his belt squat

59:00 – Matt lists his “go to” exercises and pieces of equipment

1:04:00 – Matt runs through a sample workout

1:14:20 – Biggest mistakes most lifters make


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. An absolutely brilliant and insightful podcast, loved Wenning’s training philosophy. Up there with the best guest yet.

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