Episode # 75

Business Advice for Meatheads

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Released on August 25, 2016

Joe kicks off this weeks show with an #OperationRebuildJoeD update, a recap of his “Summerslam” weekend, and a look ahead to his family vacation. The rest of the show is dedicated to answering listener emails. This weeks main topic of discussion = Business & Work:Family Balance.



2:20 – Joe discusses his new t-shirt design   Joe-D-Before-After-OFFICIAL-w-date&weight

5:00 – #OperationRebuildJoeD talk Progress pics, eating out, Planet Fitness, Tootsie Rolls, and  more!

28:45 – Joe reads Question #1

33:25 – The influence that Howard Stern had on DeFranco’s Gym and Joe’s training staff

37:35 – How utilizing a “franchise model” can save you valuable time, make your life easier and grow your business

46:05 – The importance of “finding the right seats on the bus” for your staff

49:10 – Joe reads Question #2

50:25 – Why it’s important to “google yourself”

52:45 –  The thing that Joe D. prefers over a resume when hiring a new employee

59:25 – What NOT to say on your resume or during a job interview!

64:25 – Joe reads Question #3

66:00 – “How did Joe choose what his first product was going to be, and how did he know it was the right time to offer it?”

76:00 – The similarity between Joe’s original Combine VHS tape and his newest product/venture – DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements

85:30 – Joe reads Question #4

90:55 – Joe shares some of his top tips for improving work:family balance


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  4. Hi Joe,

    thanks for the great podcast which i´m listening every day i´m driving home from work.
    Keep on going ! I´ve some questions for future shows:

    – What do you think of TRX Training and for what Exercises do you like to use a TRX ?
    – What are your thoughts of 5-20 min. metabolic conditioning circuits after your workouts,
    do you use it and how do you program it ? Maybe this topic is worth a podcast show alone ?

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