Episode # 409

Cam Josse On His Transition from the Private Sector to Collegiate Coaching, Sled/Hill Training & More!

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Released on March 2, 2023


1:00 – Cameron Josse’s background/history with DeFranco’s Gym

4:20 – Show preview

6:45 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – RHONE

11:25Cameron Josse joins the show | Podcast begins…

13:00 – Cam’s transition from “private sector coaching” to becoming a collegiate S&C coach

19:10 – Has the NIL changed college culture/player work ethic?

26:15 – Cam describes Auburn’s current  system of training

37:15 – Cam lays out Auburn’s off-season training schedule

50:50 – How Auburn football is currently utilizing sled training in their program

53:50 – Using hill training to develop speed & power [while sparing the joints]

57:50 – Is there an optimal grade/incline for hill training?

1:03:50 – Cam shares some new speed training protocols he’s been experimenting with since arriving at Auburn

1:13:30 – Managing speed volume & intensity

1:22:10 – Joe announces this month’s “MuscleUpMarch” supplement sale


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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