Episode # 83

How To Create Savage Athletes With Only A Rack & Sled

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Released on October 20, 2016

Joe starts this weeks podcast by announcing “The Final Four” in the Strong Bastard 911 Transformation Contest – including this year’s Grand Champion! He then returns to his roots and answers a question from a young garage gym owner who’s looking to maximize his training results with minimal equipment, space, and money.  



1:00 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor [Tapout]

4:40 – Joe announces this year’s “Final 4” finishers in the 2nd Annual Strong Bastard 911 Transformation Challenge

24:30Joe reads today’s training question  original-disciples-copy

30:10 – If Joe could only have 2 pieces of equipment…

32:40 – The basic “movements” that all combat athletes must strengthen

34:20 – The essential exercises that ALL of Joe’s combat athletes perform [regardless of sport]

45:50 – Joe talks about how he makes homemade Farmer’s Walk implements [see video link below]

52:30 – Joe D’s “Savage 7”!!!

56:15 – Joe has an “OD” [Original Disciple] flashback and name-drops some of the most successful savages that came out of his original storage closet facility

61:10 – The biggest mistake Joe made [equipment-wise] during his early years and how YOU can avoid making the same mistake!

67:40 – Joe explains why he only answered one question today [There’s actually a legit reason]

70:15 – Show Conclusion


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Great question and podcast answering it. You should send a pair of custom fatgrips to the guy who asked it, write vs. right or not.

    I’ll echo your experience on the “get two.” Even training just one-on-one like i often do, it’s good to have a second piece of the main tools before you get one of everything extra. When the other trainers are in the gym and we need the rack, need the Prowler, or need the whatever, you really wish you had two pieces of everything.

  2. To built on exercises that can help increase grip strength and work the upper body, you can perform a farmer’s walk with a rope looped around the weight plate. You can then perform pull-ups with the rope, or even use a towel.

  3. Being an ‘OD follower’ I absolutely loved this podcast!! Thanks Joe – one of the top 5 Industrial Strength Show’s in my book. The lists of top exercises / movements you’ve given out in the last 2 episdoes have been great.

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