Episode # 374

David Weck On BOSU Ball Bashing, Head-Over-Foot Sprint Technique & More!

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Released on June 16, 2022


0:25SWIS Seminar announcement!

2:20New CPPS course/location announcement!

7:20David Weck joins the show | Podcast begins…

8:50 – Why Dave used to “call out” Mike Boyle, Eric Cressey & Joe DeFranco?

12:00 – Does it bother Dave when trainers & coaches bash the BOSU Ball?

16:25 – Best uses for the BOSU Ball

25:05 – How Dave came up with the idea for the BOSU Ball

31:15 – Dave explains “head-over-foot” sprinting technique

37:20 – Dave’s thoughts on performing “anti-rotation” core exercises to improve sprinting speed/technique

43:40 – The difference between an “idiosyncrasy” versus a “technical flaw”

48:30 – How do the ProPulse Speed Trainers work?

1:01:55 – The 3 stages that most new innovations go through

1:13:25 – How walking “head-over-foot” can/will reduce low back pain

1:16:45 – The lesson that trainers & coaches can learn from this podcast

1:20:30 – The biggest commonality between Joe & Dave’s training

1:25:15 – How to advance the fitness industry

1:31:40 – The value of heavy sled training


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. What a fascinating interview! To be honest, some of the things David talked about I would need to see, but he shared a lot of great insight that I can apply to my fitness regimen as well as my career as an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor. What really resonated with me that David said was, “I pride myself on integrity. So whatever’s true, that’s what I’m behind, ok, so if I’m wrong, teach me how to be right. There’s no restriction for me on that”, as well as, “I like to absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and then add what is uniquely your own.” Thank you, Coach Joe! -Teacher Lance

  2. Hi Joe, not really a comment on the episode but something I’d be interested in hearing your views on.
    Any thoughts on training/stretching more on one side to address imbalances?
    Specifically when someone has a tight muscle – for example left hip flexor – Is stretching both hip flexors equally – less effective than stretching more on the problematic side?
    I was just thinking in terms of effect on issues like lower back tightness/stiffness. An example could be left sided lower back pain that can be caused by a tight/shortened Left hip flexor/adductors, right Glute, right QL etc
    I feel it might be uncommon to train specifically and differently for different sides of the body and most people will fall into a trap of equally stretching/strengthening both sides – is this much less effective and not really helping to address the imbalance which can lead to further issues?
    Love the podcasts and currently in the second week of my second cycle of Rebuilt 2.0. Loved the first 12 weeks but absolutely hated you for the 1.5 rep speed skater squats and the drop set!

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