Episode # 374

David Weck On BOSU Ball Bashing, Head-Over-Foot Sprint Technique & More!

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Released on June 16, 2022


0:25SWIS Seminar announcement!

2:20New CPPS course/location announcement!

7:20David Weck joins the show | Podcast begins…

8:50 – Why Dave used to “call out” Mike Boyle, Eric Cressey & Joe DeFranco?

12:00 – Does it bother Dave when trainers & coaches bash the BOSU Ball?

16:25 – Best uses for the BOSU Ball

25:05 – How Dave came up with the idea for the BOSU Ball

31:15 – Dave explains “head-over-foot” sprinting technique

37:20 – Dave’s thoughts on performing “anti-rotation” core exercises to improve sprinting speed/technique

43:40 – The difference between an “idiosyncrasy” versus a “technical flaw”

48:30 – How do the ProPulse Speed Trainers work?

1:01:55 – The 3 stages that most new innovations go through

1:13:25 – How walking “head-over-foot” can/will reduce low back pain

1:16:45 – The lesson that trainers & coaches can learn from this podcast

1:20:30 – The biggest commonality between Joe & Dave’s training

1:25:15 – How to advance the fitness industry

1:31:40 – The value of heavy sled training


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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