Episode # 39

Donnie Thompson talks Strength, Mobility, Fatbells…and his cold, hard “Ex-Wife”!

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Released on November 25, 2015

In this weeks episode, Joe interviews Donnie Thompson – the first man to ever total 3000 pounds in a powerlifting meet! Besides being one of the strongest men on earth, Donnie is also an innovator and trendsetter in the Strength & Conditioning industry. He’s the creator of the Thompson Fatbell (a “kettlebell-like” implement with the handle re-positioned inside the bell), the Thompson FatBar, and the Thompson FatPad. But the “creation” that just may stand out more than all the rest is Donnie’s “body tempering” technique. After meeting Donnie in Toronto and going through a “body tempering” session, Joe D. wanted to learn more from the man they call “Super D”…  so he sat down with Donnie during this weeks podcast and discussed a wide array of topics.

Here’s just a few of the things that Donnie discussed with Joe:  

  • What it feels like to have over 1200 pounds on your back!
  • How Donnie shrunk almost a full inch in height after his record-setting squat (and how long it took him to regain his height)
  • Why you always need to leave the gym thinking, “I could have done more.” 
  • The “benefit” of having an annoying 13-year-old girl hanging out at the gym [and bothering him] while he was training [FUNNY STORY]
  • HOW Donnie originally came up with the “body tempering” technique and WHY it works so well


  • How to prevent yourself from ever getting a “sports hernia”
  • How/where you can obtain your own body tempering “tools” [without stealing Donnie’s ex-wife 🙂 ]
  • Can foam rolling still be beneficial or should you completely remove it from your warm-ups/workouts?
  • Find out the major similarity that Donnie shares with Jill Miller and what it means to YOUR health and well-being


What the hell can these two have in common? (Besides being two of my favorite people 🙂 )

  • The importance of creating a network and surrounding yourself with people “smarter than you” in other disciplines
  • The #1 thing ALL female athletes should do to improve their performance and decrease their injury potential
  • The 2 things that every guy should do in order to increase their performance and decrease their injury potential
  •  Why EVERYONE should suspend upside-down for a few minutes each day
  • Donnie discusses the difference between “wisdom” & “understanding” and how each can affect your training/results
  • Donnie talks about how his idea for the “Fatbell” came to him in a dream!  [Learn why having your hand placed dead-center in a sphere creates less stress on your joints, while placing a greater emphasis on your muscles. ]


All this plus much, Much MORE!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Great podcast with Donnie Thompson, very entertaining and comical. Not to stereotype but I was super surprised by the knowledge & expertise of Donnie. Love all your shows & keep up the great work, you are very much appreciated Joe

  2. Awesome last couple shows Joe packed with some great info!! I’ve never been a podcast guy, but your show’s changing that! #38 was short sweet and to the point packed with some great info, helped keep me awake from 3am-4am my last night shift…but I was kinda like, where’s the rest of the show?!! #39 was also full of great stuff with Super D, l literally went right down stairs to the basement gym and tried out some of the techniques like the inverted stretch with bands and butt walk aha. Keep up the solid work Joe. I gotta say, when u first started focusing more on the podcast and less blogs I was a bit dissapointed cuz I love the blog, however, your show does NOT dissapoint! Your podcast, is my #1 podcast I listen to (well only one right now). Thanks for the solid work and time you put in. Oh and by the way, 3 weeks into SB911 with some added conditioning. Modifications you suggested…loving it and feeling like a beast!! Lookin forward to show #40.

  3. Joe – awesome podcast! Thanks for being on the cutting edge of recovery techniques. I am sure it helps out your guys who are trying to be top performers, and it also helps out the 40+ crowd (me included) that are trying to stay active and injury free. Your podcast moves to the top of the list when it comes in every week.

  4. This would have to be my favorite podcast in quit awhile. Awesome interview Joe I’m really keen to learn more of Donnie.

  5. YES!! This Thanksgiving I am thankful for all the hard work Joe d puts in for his audience and also for having such great guests on his podcast!! Although I love it when you do the podcast alone because I get to hear your thoughts and opinions – I can’t tell you how excited I was when you announced Ferruggia was going to be on your show, and now Donnie Mr 3000 Thompson?!?! 2 of my favs! About to listen to the show, I know its going to be great. Thanks for all you do coach. -Randy

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