Episode # 26

Dr. Rhonda Patrick interview – Adaptations to Heat Stress through Sauna Use & Supplement Recommendations for Improved Performance

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Released on August 27, 2015


This week, Joe interviews Dr. Rhonda Patrick  a Ph.D in Biomedical Science and an expert in many different areas of wellness – including nutritional health, aging and the brain.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn while listening to this weeks information-packed podcast: 

  • The sauna’s effect on mood, cognitive function and preventing muscle atrophy
  • How to lower your risk of cardiovascular related diseases and death by 50%!
  • Why you benefit more from the sauna when you stay in there long enough to start feeling “uncomfortable”
  • How you can use the sauna to come back from an injury 30% faster!
  • Why people that “sweat easily” are probably healthier than their “non-sweaty” counterparts
  • How exposing your body to heat has positive effects on your cardiovascular health

We definitely exposed our bodies to the heat every summer in NJ 🙂


  • Why it’s possible to replace  your “cardio” with sitting in the sauna…and still get the same health benefits!
  • How you can activate “heat shock proteins” in your body (NOTE: They are very good for preventing muscle damage)
  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s “Core 4” supplement recommendations for improving performance & living longer
  • The importance of supplementing with a quality fish oil (Dr. Patrick shares her most trusted brand)
  • Learn how to test your current fish oil supplement for purity (Consuming “bad” fish oil should be avoided at all costs)
  • Why you should consume a Vitamin D supplement that also contains Vitamin K2
  • The DANGERS of taking too much Vitamin D (More is NOT better in this case…BE CAREFUL!)
  • The best method for consuming your magnesium (Your stomach will thank you :))
  • Why it’s important to take an activated B-Complex supplement
  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s most trusted multi-vitamin

All this plus much, Much MORE!! (Seriously, this isn’t just something we wrote at the end of the bullet points…there is literally a TON of other invaluable information that Dr. Rhonda Patrick shares in the podcast.)


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Perry – Thanks for the very kind feedback…it means a lot.

    Bryan – I am grateful for Dr. Rhonda’s input as well…I’ve been taking WAY TOO MUCH Vitamin D! I was unaware of those side effects.

    And thanks to ALL OF YOU for such amazing feedback! As long as you guys continue to listen to the podcast, I’ll keep recording them! 🙂
    Joe D.

  2. Awesome podcast as always! We also hit the 100 degree bar in the gym in the summertime here too. It’s great to know that there are scientific evidences to show this can actually be beneficial for the athletes. Thank you for this podcast Joe!

  3. Joe D – I didn’t get a chance to post on here yesterday because I jumped in my car and went directly to GNC to get me some vitamin D magnesium and b-complex (i was already taking nordic naturals fish oil).. Amazing insight into why those supplements are important by Dr Rhonda. When i returned home from GNC I purchased your 12 epic workouts ebook because its the only ebook of yours that i didn’t have and i felt compelled to buy SOMETHING from you in order to pay u back for giving so much to us for FREE. This weeks podcast was invaluable. I would have easily paid $30-$40 for an ebook or audio file containing all the information Dr. Rhonda discussed. Yet you gave it to us for free. The reason you are the G.O.A.T Joe D isn’t just because of your knowledge and the results you consistently produce its because of the type of person you are and your willingness to give back.
    You have a lifetime follower and fan in me. And Dr. Rhonda gained a new fan.
    Thanks to both of you amazing individuals.

  4. Excellent content Joe. Regarding the sauna / heat stress, I guess I have additional backup to tell the boys when I join the old lady at the Hot Yoga once a week??

  5. That was one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Listening again when I get home from work, this time with a notebook and pen in hand. (Should have listened to Joe d the 1st time when he told us to get our notebooks out lmao).

  6. Amazing podcast! Thanks Joe, you were not joking about needing to take notes. It’s great to learn from your podcast & from a guest like Dr. Patrick and actually be able to explain it to others.

  7. I agree with Beau this was the best episode yet. And I’ve loved them all so thats saying something. The information about taking too much vitamin D was pure gold. I take 10,000iu’s almost everyday for the past 2-3 months. I had no idea it could lead to calcium deposits in my arteries. Grateful I listened to the entire show, it may have saved me from having a heart attack or something down the road. The Industrial strength show just saved my life. (Hows that for an endorsement Joe D???)

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Joe Ds “knowledge bomb” sound FX during the pre-show lmao. That part had me in stitches. Joe D is getting all tech savvy on us!!

  8. Again, just when I think Joe D can’t top himself, he hits us with 97 minutes of KNOWLEDGE BOMBS! Big thanks to Dr. Patrick! Best podcast regardless of content or industry, PERIOD!

    Kudos to you Joe for reaching out to such an amazing guest and sharing this knowledge with your audience. And kudos to Dr. Patrick for being so willing to share her expertise with Joe’s listeners.

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