Episode # 112

Dr. Tom is TICKED OFF! [Calls Out Former Guests]

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Released on May 11, 2017

Dr. Tom returns to the Industrial Strength Show for the first time in 12 weeks…and he’s TICKED OFF! 


1:10 – Joe announces the date/location of next CPPS certification course & gives a DeFrancoShop.com update

9:40Dr. Tom interview begins…

13:15 – Dr. Tom begins to explain why he’s pissed off

16:20 – Dr. Tom talks about his experience with Cyrex Labs and why he disagrees with Charles Poliquin

19:50 – Dr. Tom addresses the question that Charles Poliquin “dodged”? [How to get lean]

                           DANGEROUS or NOT-SO-BAD?

23:20 – How to find your Basal Metabolic Rate

26:20 – Joe reveals the “best” form of cardio for getting lean

30:00 – *Mr. New Jersey 1995 reference* 🙂

30:50 – Dr. Tom Calls Out Dr. Layne Norton!

35:40 – Dr. Tom Sounds Off on Artificial Sweeteners

39:40 – Dr. Tom Challenges Layne Norton to an Open Debate!

43:40 – Guidelines for supplementing with DHEA

46:15 – Post-workout macronutrient ratio recommendations

51:30 – Best supplements for getting lean and losing weight

54:10 – The importance of maintaining a positive nitrogen balance while in a caloric deficit 

55:05 – SB911 Contest NEWS – New Categories…and New PRIZES?! 

60:10 – Dr. Tom talks about the dangers of “obesogens” and how detoxing can help

62:10 – Dr. Tom shares some new “Bilella-isms”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. I too would love to hear a debate between these two. Appreciate Dr. Bilella (and Joe D.) not being afraid to step on toes and get a real discussion going!

  2. I would love to hear a true debate between these two (Dr. Layne Norton) (Tom Bilella)

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