Episode # 474

Drop-Set Secrets (How To Get Jacked in Less Time), Programming Isometrics for Strength vs Hypertrophy & More!

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Released on June 6, 2024


0:50MuscleUpJune supplement sale announcement! [coupon: MuscleUpJune]

5:25IN-PERSON CPPS certification announcement! [coupon: JOED30]

8:00Pain-Free Longevity Training seminar announcement!

11:20 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – BON CHARGE [coupon: JOED]

16:25Podcast officially begins…

18:00 – Programming isometrics for strength vs hypertrophy

  • 20:30 – Yielding isometrics
  • 33:30 – Overcoming isometrics
  • 42:00 – Long duration isometrics

49:45 – How much should you drop the weight when performing drop-sets?

1:01:20 – Perfect technique (w/ very light weights) vs High effort (w/ very poor form): What would produce “less worse” gains?

1:10:05 – Joe explains the “2 Miles to Hell” summer challenge


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  • DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements
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Thanks for listening!

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