Episode # 135

Adjusting Macros to Build Muscle & Lose Fat

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Released on October 19, 2017


UFC fighter, Mickey Gall, prepares his peri-workout nutrition shake. #BadassBCAA

1:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsors: Kumho Tires & CBS ALL ACCESS

4:00 – Dr. Tom arrives to the Industrial Strength studio!

14:10 – Dr. Tom gives an update on Mickey Gall’s nutrition progress

15:50 – Dr. Tom goes through his Peak Performance Manual

21:10 – Caloric assessment for fast, medium & slow metabolizers

25:30 – Dr. Tom talks about “nutrient timing”

32:25 – Post-Workout macro recommendations for various goals

37:20 – The meaning of “nutrient partitioning”

38:35 – Joe provides strength training guidelines for athletes that compete in weight-class sports

45:55 – The 7 biomarkers of longevity

54:45 – Joe & Dr. Tom give the specifics of their 4-Day SALE!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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