Episode # 136

90-Minute Q&A w/ Joe D!

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Released on October 26, 2017


1:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsors: MVMT Watches & CBS ALL ACCESS

10:00Q1: What physical qualifications does Joe look for when taking on a new client?

11:50Q2: Does Joe feel pressure to look a certain way?

15:25 – Q3: How would you advise a coach to begin online coaching?

   Do as I say, not as I do (regarding sleep advice)! -Joe D.

18:05 – Q4: Why the change from Air Max to Air Force 1’s?

19:15 – Q5: How much water do you have your athletes drink?

22:45 – Q6: Why focus on grip strength with MMA fighters?

25:40Q7: Best secret for better sleep? >>>

28:20Q8: Top 5 songs on Joe’s workout playlist

31:20 Q9: What’s the best way to land a celebrity client?

34:50Q10: Guidelines for training pregnant women

41:20Q11: Will eating carbs late at night make me gain fat?

43:30Q12: What are your thoughts on fasted cardio?

45:35 – Q13: Training people with fibromyalgia

48:20Q14: Did you learn anything new this weekend at the Elitefts Stronger Business Summit?

53:20Q15: How can I make push-ups more difficult?

56:50Q16: Do you think the SB911 workout can be used over and over?

58:25 – Q17: Can you talk about training around a shoulder injury?

60:35 – Q18: What do you think of Mike Boyle’s approach to lower body strength training?

64:10Q19: Have you used any other speed drills to improve sprinting technique (besides the sled)?

67:45 – Q20: How do you balance aesthetics and performance with your professional wrestlers?

70:05 – Q21: When peaking athletes, do you prefer quarter squats over full squats?

71:45 – Q22: Thoughts on performing aerobic strength training circuits on your ‘off days’

72:40Q23: Do you have ONE exercise that you use with EVERY athlete/client?

74:10Q24: What kind of indicator exercises would you use for a “force dominant” MMA fighter?

76:15 – Q25: How does increasing the vertical jump improve striking in MMA?

79:15 – Q26: What’s the best way to inspire women who think “weight training will make them too manly”?

82:05 – Q27: What’s a good Recovery Day routine?

85:15 – Q28: Should you always train hypertrophy and strength in separate cycles?

86:50Q29: When is Joe D. going to come out with his own product (machine, miracle barbell, or SMR tool)?

91:40Q30: How would you prepare someone to win a Ninja Warrior competition?


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Thanks for listening!

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  1. I appreciate how helpful everyone has been. I appreciate you revealing so much about yourself. You may learn more about us here.

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