Episode # 91

The Future of DeFranco’s & Programming for Speed w/ Cameron Josse

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Released on December 15, 2016

Joe kicks off this week’s episode by telling the audience about the changes that are happening at DeFranco’s and the future of the brand. 

DeFranco’s Director of Training, Cameron Josse, sits in for the second half of the show to discuss various aspects of speed training and the new technology he’s currently using with his athletes. 



1:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements 

7:25 – Joe fills the audience in on the changes taking place at DeFranco’s and the future of the brand

28:00Conversation with Cameron Josse begins… sprint-tag

32:05 – SPEED TRAINING – Where do you start?

34:20 – “Quality vs. Quantity” and the importance of auto-regulation

38:05 – Speed training  frequency recommendations & incorporating the “Hi-Low Method”

43:45 – Cameron & Joe talk about “maximal outputs” vs. “operational outputs”

50:30 – Cameron explains one of the [overlooked] problems with the “110’s test”.

54:30 – Common technical problems athletes have when sprinting

59:25 – Most common physical limitations found with advanced athletes

61:30 – The relationship between shoulder mobility and sprinting speed

63:55 – Cameron shares a story of what recently happened when 2 of our “power-trained” athletes sprinted against a “speed-ladder-trained” athlete

70:50 – Cameron talks about how we’re eliminating human error by utilizing more technology within our program

79:10 – Show conclusion


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Yo Joe!!!!!! On this podcast you and Cameron were talking about using sprint time percentages for speed programming but never did explain how to get that sprint time percentage. Whats the equation you guys use to figure out the percentage?

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