Episode # 100

The World’s Most Beneficial Supplement?!

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Released on February 16, 2017

Joe celebrates his 100th podcast episode with longtime friend and nutrition guru – Dr. Tom Bilella! 


1:00 – Show Intro [Personal message from Joe D. to his audience]

What an epic way to kick off the 100th episode!

4:20 – Joe talks about his new t-shirt design and the current sale going on at DeFrancoShop.com

8:45 – The Guru kicks off the show by making a public apology to Joe D?!

12:20 – Joe reads an inspiring email from one of his listeners

19:40 – Joe reveals the newest product in the DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplement line

21:40 – Dr. Tom explains how BCAA’s work inside the body

24:10 – Joe & Dr. Tom discuss citrulline malate 

28:25 – Why taking leucine alone is NOT a good idea

32:15 – Dr. Tom explains why DeFranco’s Badass BCAA’s have a 4:1:1 ratio, as opposed to the standard 2:1:1 ratio  

36:00 – Best BCAA-rich foods

38:00 – How to use BCAA’s to maintain muscle while in a caloric deficit

47:15 – Utilizing BCAA’s to build muscle & strength

55:55 – Do calories consumed late at night have a greater chance of being stored as fat?

59:30 – Is fasted morning cardio more efficient for fat-burning?

61:50 – Dr. Tom & Joe D. discuss their personal experience with the “one minute workout”

67:00 – Casein protein vs. “Whey protein mixed with fat” before bed

70:15 – Joe & Dr. Tom offer discounts on DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. I suggest people to listen to Defranco’s podcast if they care about how they perform in any sport & more importantly their health. From weight lifting to becoming faster to diet, this is the best source. Joe’s work ethic & desire to keep on learning more is unmatched. He is also an amazing person which you can say very few people are. Most people should listen to him just so they can see how you’re supposed to treat one another. An unexpected part of his show is how you treat others. He is beyond gracious. He has been giving away free content for over a decade. His tips & advice have changed how I approach everything. From the importance of warming up, to learning about the importance of strength training & hypertrophy training & where to program it, what exercises to do, what supplements to take. I have learned a lot over the years & I can contribute a lot of that to him. Westside for Skinny Bastards at the price of $0.00 is one of the best bargains we have ever been given. Thank you!!! Joe, if there’s any way I can do or support you since you have given me SO much over the years just lmk. It’s only fair. I owe you a lot. It disgust me to find out how people who won your contest were upset you didn’t get back to them in time since you’re just one person & people think they’re entitled to something they never would have had you not gave it away for free. I always refer or mention you to people when people ask about health or fitness. I always look forward to reading all his articles, watching all his videos, & listening to all his podcasts & interviews he has done over the years. How you live your life & how motivated you are is inspiring.

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