Episode # 95

Dr. Tom Talks Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic Diets & More!

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Released on January 12, 2017

This week, Dr. Tom Bilella & Joe D. answer your nutrition and supplementation questions from Instagram! 



1:00 – Joe introduces this week’s sponsor Blue Apron

“Did I mention I was Mr. New Jersey in 1995?”

5:00 – Show overview

11:10 – Dr. Tom joins the show…

12:25 – Dr. Tom makes his first reference to being  “Mr. New Jersey 1995”

21:50 – The 3 different types of Intermittent Fasting 

23:35 – The benefits & disadvantages of intermittent fasting

30:50 – Dr. Tom gives more detail regarding his “3 by 3” & “5 by 9” theory

33:00 – Dr. Tom gives his thoughts on carb tolerance and fat burning

37:00 – Is pregnenolone & DHEA proven to work?

41:15 – What DeFranco Supplements are best for those on a Keto Diet? Which ones should you stay away from?

42:25 – Dr. Tom gives his views on “carb cycling” for anaerobic athletes

43:55 – How does “nutrient timing” differ based on the time of day you train?

45:45 – Dr. Tom talks about “food pairing”?

49:00 – How can you manage cortisol & what are the BEST creatine products? 

55:35 – Dr. Tom’s thoughts on the 40-40-20 macronutrient profile

58:25 – How does one fix a “broken metabolism” after years of under-eating?

60:40 – Is there a way to gauge whether your body responds better to fats or carbs?

65:00 – If Dr. Tom & Joe D. can only take 5 supplements for the next 12 months, what would they be?

68:35 – The benefits of the KETO//OS drink

74:05 – How to take probiotics after coming off of antibiotics

76:50 – Dr. Tom gives his thoughts on Apple Cider Vinegar

78:30 – How/When can you reintroduce “reactive” foods after a food sensitivity test?

82:00 – Why does your body develop a “sensitivity” to certain foods?

89:30 – Joe D. announces the “healthy7” discount currently available at DeFrancosNutrition.com


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. I need a recommendation for a doctor/clinic in Manhattan that will support me as I begin fasting/ketogenic to combat my obesity and Type-2 Diabetes. I want to leave my current endocrinologist who is not communicative/helpful. eck0731@yahoo.com

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