Episode # 162

Fat-Burning Cardio Made Simple: HIIT vs. LISS

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Released on May 3, 2018


1:00 – Show Intro

5:00 – Joe announces this month’s “Muscle-Up Monday” Sale!

Strength training CAN’T be overlooked if your primary goal is to drop body fat!

8:20 – Podcast begins / Show overview

12:00 – Bioenergetic differences between HIIT & LISS cardio

17:25 – Is the “EPOC” component of HIIT blown out of proportion?

25:20 – Joe goes off on a “celebrity trainer / reality TV show” rant!!

29:30 – How to implement HIIT into your program

31:40 – Joe’s favorite HIIT workout when he’s really pressed for time

40:15 – How to implement LISS into your program

43:35 – Joe’s personal observation regarding LISS [and the specific type of person who should be incorporating it]

52:15 – Joe describes the difference he feels when he incorporates nasal-only breathing on his morning walks

57:20 – Benefits of both HIIT & LISS

1:02:00 – Drawbacks of both HIIT & LISS

1:05:45 – The 2 factors [besides cardio] that CAN’T be overlooked when “fat loss” is your primary goal


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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