Episode # 138

The ART of Sports Science w/ Dr. Fergus Connolly

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Released on November 9, 2017


1:00 – Show overview

5:30 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor: MVMT Watches

8:00 – CPPS Level 2 Online Course Announcement   

10:40Dr. Fergus Connolly explains why he wrote GAME CHANGER

12:55 – Fergus discusses his “4 Coactive Model”

17:20 – The importance of “working backwards” from the competition and removing as much unnecessary stress as possible

23:20 – The power of routine

27:00 – Developing the ability to perform on a specific day

30:30 – Is the NFL Combine useful for evaluating players?

35:20 – Why you need to identify each athlete’s limiting factor

37:40 – Improving your weakness vs “doubling down” on your strength

42:30 – Prioritizing health [training “humans” vs “athletes”]

52:50 – Program design advice

57:15 – Fergus shares an awesome analogy regarding sport science / technology

58:20 – Building a cohesive team

65:35 – The importance of having a clear & concise game plan


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Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Hey Joe,

    I was just wondering if you had decided when you would announce the winners from the SB911 challenge. Thank for all you do for us!

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