Episode # 63

Dr. Tom Bilella talks Nutrition – One size fits nobody!

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Released on May 26, 2016

In this weeks episode, Joe sits down with his longtime friend and nutrition guru – Dr. Tom Bilella.

Here’s an outline of some key topics discussed during the show…



3:30 – The story of how Joe and Dr. Tom first met

“There’s no such thing as ‘junk food’. It’s either junk…or it’s FOOD!” -Dr. Tom Bilella

8:15 – Dr. Tom’s “Nutrition Fundamentals”  and the 4 Phases of his nutrition program

11:15 – The 40 nutrients you need every day! 

13:00 – Are you getting enough quality calories?

19:10 – The common mistake most athletes make when trying to get leaner

20:50 – Dr. Tom explains “nutrient timing”

25:40 – The biggest difference between athletes who eat for performance vs. people who eat for health

27:10 – Dr. Tom explains his “3 Rules for Fat-Burning”

28:00 – Is it bad to eat before bed?

35:20 – Dr. Tom talks about “the right way” vs. “the wrong way” to cleanse the body

41:55 – The difference between a “food allergy” vs. “food sensitivity”

46:00 – Dr. Tom’s list of  foundational supplements

49:55 – Dr. Tom shares 3 things you can start doing TODAY to improve your health!

55:40 – Dr. Tom’s final words of wisdom – What should you do when all else fails? [very funny]


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Loved this podcast..I went to Dr. Tom after reading several times on Joe’s website over the years if you’re serious go to see Dr. Tom! Its a 4 hr trip down to his office from where I’m at but Dr. Tom literally saved my life and I can’t wait to go back! Helped me lose body fat and gain muscle on my personalized program

  2. Really appreciate the wealth of information Dr. Bilella is conveying. Love how he stresses the importance of understanding the inner workings of our bodies with food sensitivity tests, vitamin and mineral tests and body comp tests. BUT I feel like this type of coaching isn’t accessible for the majority of us.

    Many of these tests are very hard to come across in countries like Australia. But even if they weren’t a 23&Me test is $150. Which would only make this type of coaching accessible to high level athletes who are willing to pay for it. I love what Tom is preaching, but I think it lacked actionable practical tactics that we could use. For example (after listening to the podcast a 2nd time) when Tom was talking about the cleanse I felt like he didn’t really cover the specifics of what the cleans actually contained and what the average person should cleanse with. That’s kind of what I mean. But love the nutrition talk. Would love to hear Dr. Rhonda Patrick again one day.

  3. I didn’t have enough paper in my notebook to keep up with Dr.Tom! MINDBLOWN. This is my 3rd time re-listening. Can’t thank you enough Joe D. BRING BACK WHAT PISSES OFF GEORGE DEFRANCO!!!!

  4. Tommy – Thanks for the feedback…it means a lot. Glad you liked the show! “The Guru” is definitely one of the best kept secrets (outside of NJ) in the fitness/nutrition industry!!

  5. For someone who doesn’t live in NJ and thus, can’t visit the guru, any tips for finding a good nutritionist in my area?

  6. I’ve listened to all 63 podcasts since the inception. Sure, my attention has wandered at times when you talk about the science of sprint technique and improving agility and what not due to the fact that i’m a washed up Meathead who waved good bye to the Glory Days 20 years ago.

    Your podcast with Dr. Bilella was without a doubt the most informative and entertaining one i’ve ever heard – not just you, anyone.

    You continue to be the truth in this industry.

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