Episode # 86

Gut Check Time with Dr. Tom Bilella!

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Released on November 10, 2016

Dr. Tom returns to the Industrial Strength Show to talk about gut health and its connection to your brain, mood, immune system, and body fat percentage! The show concludes with Joe D. and Dr. Tom answering some frequently asked questions regarding nutrition and supplementation. 



1:00 – CPPS Level 2 [online course] announcement

9:25 – Interview with Dr. Tom begins

11:00 – Dr. Tom talks about “will vs. skill”, then shares an inspirational success story

19:00 – Dr. Tom begins to explain the meaning of “gut health” and why it’s so important

21:25 – Why are all the experts now saying “the gut is the second brain”? 

26:10 – Joe D’s personal experience regarding the “gut-brain” connection  

28:40 – The connection between your gut and your immune system

32:15 – Dr. Tom explains “leaky gut”

34:45 – How to care for your gut

36:55 – Dr. Tom talks about how DeFranco’s “Gut Check” is different than most other probiotics on the market

43:50 – How to take your probiotics for best absorption

49:20 – The link between probiotics and fat loss

52:05 – The importance of performing a “cleanse/detox” every few months

60:15 – Why it’s a good idea to cycle your protein powder [and your proteins in general]

64:40 – How much DHEA & Pregnenolone should YOU take?

68:00 – How & When to take your magnesium supplement

72:05 – Dr. Tom concludes the show with some new “Bilella-isms” 

                                   Joe D. proves Dr. Tom wrong by weighing in at EXACTLY 214 🙂


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Dr Tom mentions the importance of not having fructooligosaccharides prebiotics in the probiotic (which the Gut Check doesn’t have) since they may feed bad bacteria yet in the DeFranco clean greens product there is fructooligosaccharides prebiotics. I am confused as to why the Clean Greens product has the prebiotics in it? If I take the Gut Check probiotic when I take Clean Greens like Dr Tom mentions, wouldn’t this be the same thing as have prebiotics with the probiotic? Thanks

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