Episode # 437

How Important is Training to Failure for Strength & Hypertrophy Gains?

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Released on September 21, 2023


0:30 – Joe thanks his audience for their “dog walking etiquette/feedback” 🙂

4:15CPPS course announcement! [*Use code: JOED20]

7:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Caldera + Lab

11:35 Podcast officially begins…

13:00 – Joe reads the question that prompted this week’s show topic

15:30 – How important is training to failure for STRENGTH gains?

35:05 – How important is training to failure for HYPERTROPHY gains?

48:45 – What’s more demanding – High or Low reps?

52:05 – Joe provides exclusive insight into why he stopped programming weekly high-rep work when prepping athletes for the NFL Combine’s 225 Bench Press Test.

1:05:15 – The “Big 3” for packing on muscle and making progress

1:07:35 – Top 5 ways to progress an exercise


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. I think this podcast should be played over the loudspeaker at every commercial gym on the planet. Repeatedly.

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