Episode # 38

How To Get Strong WITHOUT Gaining Weight

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Released on November 19, 2015

In this weeks podcast, Joe shares his best tips and dirty tricks for getting athletes strong without having them add any mass. [If you train wrestlers, boxers, MMA athletes – or anyone that competes in a sport with weight classes – this episode is for you.]

While listening to this episode, you will learn:

  •  The role diet plays when you need to gain strength without gaining mass
  • Set, rep, volume and rest recommendations when attempting to get strong [without getting big]
  • How/Why “weight-class” athletes should incorporate jumps and med ball throws into their program
  • How to structure your assistance lifts when you don’t want to gain any weight [but you need the strength]
  • The #1 piece of equipment that every weight-class athlete should be incorporating into their workouts
  • Joe D’s favorite assistance exercises for getting weight-class athletes strong
  • Joe D’s “DIRTY TRICK” for improving full-body strength without the fear of “adding too much muscle” [If you train wrestlers or MMA athletes this dirty trick will be THE game-changer in your programming!]  
  • The single best supplement for increasing strength & speeding up recovery – without adding any unnecessary calories to your diet
  • Sample Upper & Lower Body workouts for weight-class athletes
  • BIG Announcement regarding next week’s guest…and much, Much MORE!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Hi Joe, thank you so much for this episode! I’m a competitive grappler who has to cut weight and this info is absolutely invaluable. I know you’re a super busy guy but can I ask what your 1-2 assistance exercise template is for the upper body? I know you said your basic lower body strength template is “squat/deadlift variation, unilateral movement, hip extension exercise” on one of the other podcasts and was wondering if you have a similar template for the upper body? Thanks again for sharing, you’re the man!

  2. Would you have the athlete perform one of the upper body workouts twice per week, or would you have them perform a lighter workout for the second day?

  3. I was hitting “refresh” on my computer in anticipation of this episode all morning lmao! Totally WORTH THE WAIT!! another great show Joe D

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