Episode # 390

How To Improve Technique While Still Lifting Heavy Ass Weights, “Shopping Cart Shaming” & More!

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Released on October 13, 2022


0:00 – Show preview

3:15 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Rhone

8:30TOPIC #1: How to build a team culture that puts technique first, while still lifting heavy weights!

21:15 – Assessments for Dummies [2 simple tests that require no equipment yet tell a lot about an athlete’s mobility/stability]

32:15TOPIC #2: How to program speed/power, strength, hypertrophy & conditioning [in the off-season] when you only see your players 3X per week

46:00 TOPIC #3: “Shopping Cart Shaming” revisited: How your shopping cart habits reveal your life habits

1:04:25TOPIC #4: How is Joe able to stay lean while eating cheeseburgers every night for dinner?

1:11:10 – How watching DAHMER on Netflix has affected Joe’s cardio sessions


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. I watched dahmer the show. It was sick and disturbing but still good hearing POV from Glenda Cleveland and Dahmers father. Really sick twisted and terrible how people reported him the cops did not do anything because of lack of evidence. Just glad they did not go over board and over the top showing all of his victims that were killed and glad only one or 2 scenes we see him eat his victims. They nailed the court room scene when Rita Isbel yelled and screamed at him. My heart goes to all the family victim it was stupid and dumb when the victim families got insult calls. Then again I dont know all the facts when Hollywood has to change things up. I knew the basics but ask my questions and did a little research. It was not a big loss when Christopher Scarver killed him in prison. My advice if you have thick skin watch the show but if it’s to much to handle skip it. Jeffrey Dahmer was a real sick ruthless serial killer who had a mental problem.

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