Episode # 414

How To Make Push-ups GREAT Again, 3 Must-Try Lateral Raise Variations & More!

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Released on April 6, 2023


0:20DeFranco Supplement Sale announcement! [*Use coupon: MuscleUpApril]

5:05 – Business of Strength Spring Symposium announcement

9:40Show preview | Podcast begins…

11:50 – Joe reads Question #1 | “Make Push-ups Great Again” discussion begins

15:05 – Why it’s a big mistake to drop push-ups from your program [once you feel you’re “too advanced”]

24:45 – Top 7 ways to make push-ups more challenging

34:15 – Joe’s favorite advanced push-up variations

58:25 – Joe reads Question #2 | Lateral Raise discussion begins

1:03:40 – Joe’s GO-TO lateral raise variation [with technique explantation]

1:15:40 – Overrated/Underrated: Neck Training for General Pop Clients

1:20:30 – Overrated/Underrated: Fasted Strength Training

1:26:55 – Overrated/Underrated: “Finishers”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Hello Joe,

    I was wondering if you have a specific set and volume range for assistance exercises if your goal is to increase strength and mass?

    Thank you

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