Episode # 354

How To Optimize Hormone Levels [Without HRT] As We Age

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Released on January 27, 2022


1:00 – Show intro

2:35 – Joe’s [random] rant regarding the Industrial Strength Show’s “iTunes ranking”

6:50 – Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review

10:10 – Joe thanks the audience for their amazing support during last week’s ReBuilt 2.0 launch

15:40 – Joe reads a listener question which prompts today’s main discussion: How To Optimize Hormone Levels [Without HRT] As We Age

22:00 – Joe reveals the “Top 6” hormones affecting our body composition, strength & mood as we age

39:00 – [Water Break] Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Hellowater

45:40 – How to [specifically] optimize each of the “top 6” hormones previously discussed

  • Testosterone [45:50]
  • Estrogen [1:02:55]
  • Insulin [1:05:00]
  • Leptin [1:11:30]
  • Ghrelin [1:12:15]
  • Growth Hormone [1:15:10]


  • HelloWater Discount Code: DEFRANCO
Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. A ton of valuable information.I sometimes think, industrial sthrength podcast is the better solution of regular education. I have listen this show for a long time and always learn new things. Joe is doing great thing for fitness industry. As someone who have 40 years, and played sport for over 20 years I find myself lucky to find this podcast and apply information which is real deal.Have no more pain in knees,my shoulders are healthy thank to Joe and CPPS certification. He is realy inspiring and pasion. Thank you for your serving.

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