Episode # 428

Jason Brown & Joe D. Talk Aerobic Conditioning, Training Variability, Traits of a Great Coach & More!

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Released on July 13, 2023


0:00 – Show intro

3:15 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Rhone

8:50Jason Brown joins the show | Podcast begins…

9:35 – Jason’s training background & early influences

19:30 – Jason’s experience w/ Crossfit

26:45 – The value of providing free content online

31:05 – What aspects of Crossfit training does Jason no longer program

39:30 – Benefits of aerobic conditioning & how Jason incorporates Zone 2 cardio into his programs

49:25 – Why Jason sold his beloved Elitefts T-Bar Row machine?

51:25 – The main reason why Jason switched from an Upper/Lower split to Full Body split

52:20 – Examples of how to make your Zone 2 cardio less boring

57:10 – Training variability | Why Joe & Jason prefer 3-4 week training blocks

1:05:40 – Why & When Joe and Jason incorporate chains into their programs

1:10:45 – One of the most overlooked traits of a great coach

1:16:45 – How to keep clients longterm and grow your business “from within”

1:20:05 – The 4 “R’s” of growing your business


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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