Episode # 37

Jason Ferruggia Talks Training, Marketing, Business…and the Jersey Shore!

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Released on November 12, 2015

In this weeks episode, Joe talks shop with fitness and life strategist – Jason Ferruggia. Here’s a sampling of just a few of the [many] topics that were discussed during the interview: 

  • The importance of becoming the best at one thing and “referring out” for everything else
  • The biggest difference between how Jay trained athletes during his first 5 years in business and his last 5 years
  • Why it’s important for older lifters to “get a pump” & pre-fatigue their muscles before hitting their “work sets”
  • Jay maps out the training template he currently uses for his own training


  • Tips & tricks for making gains after the age of 40
  • How & Why Jay transitioned from being a successful warehouse gym owner to an even-more-successful online “fitness personality”
  • What goes into building your own personal brand as a trainer or coach?
  • How to attract clients you will love [and prevent energy-sucking bad clients from entering your gym]
  • Why email is still the most effective form of marketing
  • The biggest business mistake Jay made and how you can avoid it
  •  How charging “too little” will only lead to more complaints
  • Why you should rarely [if ever] do things for free
  • Why reading LESS books just may be the key to becoming a master of your craft
  • The importance of knowing [and applying] The Pareto Principle
  • Why you must get over the fear of “selling”
  • Find out what Jay would do if he could only perform 5 exercises for the rest of his life
  • The one habit that contributes the most to Jay’s success
  • Is it “Taylor Ham” or is it “Pork Roll”?  [Jay & Joe introduce the rest of the world to New Jersey’s “mystery meat”]
  • The 2 words Jay misses most now that he no longer lives in New Jersey (FU*K! I forgot the 2 words, bro. 🙂 )

And much, Much MORE!!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Joe D – I don’t know how you do it but the show keeps getting better and better. I could listen to you and Jason speak all day. So many #knowledgebombs I’m going to have to go back and listen again because I know I missed a few things while I was taking notes. Kudos to both of you for your willingness to share so much for FREE. Cant wait til next thursday!! Jonathon

  2. Speaking of diet what do you suggest? I have been following your programs for a while but I’m not sure where to start with diets that you would suggest.

  3. YES! 2 of my absolute favorites!! This is going to be great. Cant wait to listen. Thanx for continuing to raise the bar each and every week joe d! #52weeks

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