Episode # 11

Jim “Smitty” Smith Interview

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Released on May 14, 2015

He’s commonly referred to as “one of the most innovative strength coaches in the world”. He’s also an amazing father, author, teacher, motivator and entrepreneur. This week, he’s sharing his knowledge, passion and expertise with the listeners of the Industrial Strength Show. 

Here’s a brief summary of just a few of the things that Jim “Smitty” Smith spoke to Joe about during this weeks episode…

  • The story behind Joe D. & Smitty’s legendary first meeting and how they formed the “Mega-Powers” of fitness

    legendary first meeting
    Ok, ok, maybe it wasn’t quite as dramatic as this, but you get the point 🙂
  • The secret to the success of their first product
  • The steps that Smitty took in order to leave his corporate job and pursue his passion full-time
  • Learn the #1 way to conquer your fears!
  • The top secrets behind Smitty’s productivity and his amazing ability to GET SH*T DONE!
  • How doing a “brain dump” once a month can change your life
  • Smitty’s favorite apps for improving productivity
  • Practical breathing techniques guaranteed to improve your recovery, mobility and decrease stress
  • Smitty’s advice to George DeFranco on how to control his anger!
  • Smitty’s favorite exercise for building a big, strong back
  • CPPS online certification course update!
  • Smitty reveals what he HATES about collaborating with Joe D!
  • Smitty’s Top 3 (non-training) book recommendations
  • Smitty’s favorite quote: “What was said to the rose to open, was said to me in my heart.” 

All this plus Much, MUCH more! 


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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