Episode # 225

JL Holdsworth: Finding Your Body’s “Light Switches” to Increase Strength, Reduce Pain & Feel Amazing!

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Released on July 25, 2019


0:00 – Show intro / overview

6:20 – iTunes review winner

9:40 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active®

12:45 – Joe introduces JL Holdsworth / Podcast begins…

23:10 – The Spot Athletics philosophy (The 4 Pillars of JL’s gym/business)

25:30 – Why training should make you feel better, not worse!

29:30 – How RPR (Reflexive Performance Reset) changed JL’s life

37:25 – “Your physiology dictates your thoughts, your words & your actions…”

40:30 – JL explains the RPR system  

44:20 – JL’s definition of “activation”

46:30 – Joe D’s first experience with RPR

52:40 – JL’s theory on why Kevin Durant tore his achilles tendon

55:30 – How does JL incorporate RPR on a day-to-day basis?

59:30 – JL challenges Joe D…
The sympathetic vs parasympathetic debate begins!

1:03:20 – “Flow state” defined

1:16:40 – The difference between CNS potentiation & resetting the neurological firing system


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Joe D!

    Fantastic show as always! I am in law enforcement and am going to about 3-4 months worth of training and will be able to follow my own fitness routine while there. Which one of your programs would you recommend following for the duration? I’ve heard Built Like a Bad Ass is the way to go but wanted to get your opinion. Thanks for the great podcast and amazing content.

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