Episode # 9

Joe D. Answers 20 Questions!

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Released on April 30, 2015

Another week has come to an end and that means another NEW episode of the Industrial Strength Show! 

In this weeks episode, Joe D. speaks candidly on a variety of topics that vary from Conjugate Periodization to rumors regarding his eyebrows! (seriously)

Check out the show notes below if you’re interested in finding out the topics of the 20 questions that Joe answered on this weeks podcast… 

  1. The 3 people (dead or alive) that Joe D. would like to have dinner with
  2. How can “smaller” personal trainers and coaches get bigger athletes to respect and listen to them
  3. Joe discusses the next MAJOR ADVANCEMENT in performance training
  4. The single biggest mistake Joe made during his early years in business
  5. Joe reveals what he’d like to be remebered for
  6. Learn the Top 6 biggest FrEaKs Joe D. has ever trained
  7. Joe answers the hypothetical question, “If you were going to die and had one final workout, what would it consist of?” 
  8. Learn the coach that gave Joe his biggest eureka moment with regards to strength development
  9. Joe outlines the key components of training Firefighters
  10. Joe gives his “secret” to sustaining his business during its critical early years
  11. Learn the exercises that Joe used to love, but he no longer incorporates them into his programs
  12. Joe takes a trip down “memory lane” and reveals the 2 craziest gym stories of the last 10 years
  13. The single most important thing that Joe has learned (business-wise) during the last 5 years, as opposed to his first 5 years
  14. Strongest DeFranco-trained female athlete revealed!
  15. Learn the quickest way to build your hamstrings and glutes
  16. Joe’s #1 equipment recommendation (after the prowler sled) for increasing speed
  17. Learn the most valuable thing Joe’s athletes do (training-wise) when they are NOT with him
  18. Joe speaks about the Conjugate method of periodization and when to use it
  19. Joe D’s eyebrow grooming “secret” revealed! (The answer may SHOCK you! :))
  20. Joe talks about the best lesson he learned from his mom and his dad, and how he’s taken those lessons and applied them to his business


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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