Episode # 96

Joe D. Answers 60 Questions in 60 Minutes?!

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Released on January 19, 2017

This week, Joe attempts to answer 60 questions “rapid-fire-style” in 60 minutes. He doesn’t accomplish his goal of 60 minutes, but he DOES end up answering EVERY question! 

Here’s a list of the specific questions:



1:00 – Joe talks about this weeks sponsor – Blue Apron 

3:45 – Overview of today’s show

Anyone can improve their pull-up strength once they know how to approach their nutrition and training

7:00Q1: Best exercise for massive traps?  

7:25 – Q2: Best way to build pull-ups from scratch?

10:20 – Q3: I can get 6 or 7 reps on a heavy deadlift then go up 10 pounds and can barely get it up once – what’s the deal?

11:40Q4: Best ways to break plateaus?

12:20Q5: Is pre-workout really beneficial?

14:35 – Q6: Do you listen to other podcasts? If so which ones?

16:35 – Q7: What is your favorite sandwich?

18:00 – Q8: If you could rock any hairstyle, what would it be?

19:10Q9: When you were starting out in the storage closet at what point did you know it was time to expand? When looking for a bigger facility what specifics were you looking for?

21:25 – Q10: Best lower back exercises to re-build strength in that area?

22:10 – Q11: How much carryover do you feel the box squat has to a regular squat?

23:45 – Q12: I look to you for a lot of training advice but how about some dating advice from Joe D?

26:40 – Q13: Can I do a Westside style program more than 4 days a week? I like to workout 6 days a week.

28:20 – Q14: The good and the bad of crossfit! What are they?

31:15 – Q15: Best way to implement your new Special Strength DVD/ Manual into the Strong Bastard 911 program?

33:05 – Q16: Top 5 must-haves for starting a garage gym personal training business?

34:15 – Q17: Who’s your super bowl pick?

34:50Q18: Are squats & deadlifts overrated when it comes to improving speed since they don’t replicate horizontal force production?

35:45 – Q19: ROMWOD or MobilityWOD?

36:55 – Q20: Joe did you leave Texas? Are you back in jersey?

38:00 – Q21: How do you remove hair?

38:50Q22: What is the best piece of advice you could give to young, aspiring S&C coaches?

40:40 – Q23: What motivates you the most to keep your drive?

42:00Q24: Why did Onnit Academy rename their gym from Defranco’s Gym at the Onnit Academy to “Onnit HQ Academy”? No longer affiliated with Onnit?

42:25 – Q25: Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting?

43:00Q26: I have two girls, 6 and 3, how do you get kids to eat their vegetables? Thanks Joe!!

44:20Q27: Best exercise to increase conditioning for ice hockey?

45:40Q28: What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in your career so far that you wish you could have a re-do on?

47:25 – Q29: What significance do you place on higher education (getting degrees/masters/PHDs) within the strength & conditioning world?

Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Vitamin D are essential for maintaining healthy testosterone levels

48:00Q30: Coach D what are your Top 3 business tips or suggestions for someone looking to start a small home-based PT business out of his garage, based off of the DeFranco model, and my recent acquisition of my CPPS Certification? 

50:30Q31: Best/quickest fix for low T. Anything over the counter that can help low T?

52:05 – Q32: Program design tips for training the year-round athlete who can do Strength & Conditioning 1 day a week

52:55 – Q33: What do you look for in a business partner? 

54:35 – Q34: Are you selling Girl Scout cookies? 

55:00Q35: Conventional or Trap Bar DL for HS athletes?

55:30Q36: What’s the best time to take BCAAs, if you recommend them at all? Any brands you prefer?

56:10Q37: What podcast equipment do you use? More specifically I am curious what mixer, mic, and software you have. Your quality is always top notch.

57:00Q38: Who does your eyebrows?

57:50Q39: How do you breathe Diagphramatically while bracing ( I thought deep breathing was forcing your stomach to expand and contract instead of your chest)

59:50Q40: Run us through a typical session at your gym. Start to finish not too much detail of course.

61:20Q41: For single leg exercises like Bulgarian split squat: How do you program to bring both legs up to the same strength and stability?…

62:30Q42: I read your T Nation article from several years ago, where you mentioned bagging the overhead press in favor of the shoulder shocker. As someone who hasn’t (yet) experienced any impingements from years of overhead pressing, is this something I could continue to cycle into my programming, or should I abandon the movement completely before some inevitable damage is done?

65:05 – Q43: Business wise, how did you structure your training in the first years of owning your own gym? Did you offer group training packages as well as a standard gym rate? What was successful for you?

66:40Q44: How does a person break his Laziness rut? What can he do to get up and start doing? Lot of times we all know what’s the right thing to do but still don’t do it, how do we get past out brain and get goin’?

67:55 – Q45: Best kind of training program to compliment full-time BJJ training?

69:25 – Q46: How should i program a log term progression to stay healthy and gain real muscle and strength?

70:40 – Q47: What is the best way to incorporate speed training into SB911? Or would it be better to go back to WS4SB3? 

72:15 – Q48: How and what would you include as additional forearm work to a program? Would you perform it on rest days or add it as a finisher on workouts?

73:35 – Q49: Train traps alone, or part of a shoulder or back workout? 

74:00Q50: Did you ever want to be a cop like your father? Anything discourage you from pursuing that career?

74:50Q51: I’m 19, 6ft 4” and 230lbs from the UK and am training in Pro Wrestling, how do you train your clients like HHH for that specific sport, any advice you can offer me to develop my training will be great, thanks.

77:15 – Q52: Joe, how did you first get started in the strength/fitness game? What steps did you take to grow your business, social media following when first starting out?

79:20Q53: Top five “Bang for Buck” exercises? 

Sled sprints are the preferred method of resisted sprints at DeFranco’s.

80:00Q54: Which home exercises do you recommend to lose weight if I’m 16 years old?  

80:50Q55: Number one piece of equipment for speed training?

80:55 – Q56: Are bungee cords better for resisted sprints or sleds?

81:15 – Q57: What is the Essential equipment when starting a home gym or a gym period?

81:50Q58: Do you ever use the speed ladder or is it a compete waste of time for athletes? 

83:40*Q59: Would you ever recommend leaving a stable job with benefits and take a risk to do something you love? 

*Apparently Ashley miscounted the questions…Are you surprised lol? 🙂 


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  2. Thanks for the post with very cool questions and timing to see the answer. Not many people do that, so you really do great! I was also interested in what kind of microphone and software is used.

  3. Being working out for sometime now. I do the triceps and biceps to just get them tone as a female but recently I realized they’ve become bigger, which I don’t . I want to know WHY and also If it’s because of the weight. heavy or light weight which is best and what weight should I start with. Am ready to start all over again. Thank you.

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