Episode # 114

Joe D. Instagram Q&A – Part 1

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Released on May 25, 2017

For the first time in 4 months, Joe D. answers listener questions!


          Joe D. – Hangin’ for healthy shoulders

1:30 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements

10:20 – Training for Size vs. Strength

14:50 – Joe ‘s basic warm-up template

23:45 – Deadlift grip recommendations

28:50 – How to treat shoulder impingement

43:00 – Training with chronic low back pain

54:50 – Joe D’s biggest influences

60:30 – Fixing anterior pelvic tilt

69:30 – Modifying SB911 for volleyball players

76:40 – Joe’s thoughts of intermittent fasting

82:00 – Optimal timing of “Strong Bastard” supplements

85:55 – How to progress bodyweight movements

93:20 – What if Joe D. had to pick another career?


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Joe,

    Best podcast in the business. I am a banged up, washed up meathead with bad shoulder and back issues. I am working with a physical therapist and need to take some time off the weights. I can push and pull a sled up to about 300lb, I can row, run, use eliptical, and carry DB’s/KB’s. Any advice? If I can’t get Jersey Jacked right now like the North Jersey Italian that I am wants to, can you help me be a beast when it comes to conditioning?

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