Episode # 99

Joe D. Talks Business!

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Released on February 9, 2017

Joe kicks off this week’s episode with an update on his recent 100-Rep Bench Press Challenge. He then follows up by answering 5 business-related questions from a college student that’s doing a project on him.



1:00 – Joe introduces this week’s sponsor – Blue Apron  

3:15 – Joe kicks off the show with an update on his recent 100-Rep Bench Press Challenge

17:25 – Joe gives an overview of today’s show topic

20:50Why do most gyms [or small businesses in general] fail? 

26:35What prevented Joe from going out of business during the months that his gym LOST money?

39:00 – “You’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most.” [Find out Joe D’s ‘Top 5’ list!]

48:15What would Joe do differently [marketing-wise] today if he had to start all over? 

57:05How to deal with competition & negativity in the highly competitive gym industry? 


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Dear Joe,

    Huge fan.

    1. Primarily, props and praise for who you as a “man,” father, husband, son, strength pro, and servant to all of your blessed clientele.

    2. This ashamedly might seem self-aggrandizing, but I would like to distinguish myself and, I pray, catch your attention so that we can connect: Officially I am an international tax attorney (licensed in Virginia and the country of Dominica) but also a decades-long entrepreneur, investment banker, economist, ordained minister, author, and State Champion Masters natural bodybuilder, the latter of which is my “extracurricular” passion—also having 27 years of higher ed., and—believe it or not—10 degrees, 5 at the Ph.D. level.

    3. I am fortunate to have established an extensive global network, due to the nature of my practice and writings. I love and admire what you do/have done in and with your career and family and humbly sense that we might have (pardon the over-used term) mutually beneficial synergies—plus, can’t deny the football emphasis in your life which is bigtime for yours truly also.

    If I could email you, I would be happy to supply you with my CV and other material for purposes of vetting.

    Thanks in advance.

    All the best to you and your obviously wonderful family.

    William Lee Andrews III

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