Episode # 15

Joe D. Talks Strength!

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Released on June 11, 2015

In this week’s episode, Joe discusses his favorite topic – STRENGTH! 

Specific Topics of discussion include:

  • Top 5 Reasons Most People Are Weak! Joe tells you how to avoid the “weakness epidemic”!
  • The REAL Definition of “Functional Training” and How it Relates to The Rock’s New Movie, San Andreas! (You gotta hear this answer :))


  • How to Improve a “High Level” Volleyball Player’s Vertical Jump
  • Biggest Mistakes Females Make in the Weightroom. (Are YOU making this mistake and killing your ability to get the “shaped & toned” look every woman wants?)
  • Joe D’s (extremely practical) 3-Step Assessment Process
  • Should Distance Runners Lift?
  • A Fool-proof Way of Teaching the Box Squat. (This one simple “trick” will drastically increase the effectiveness of the exercise, while dramatically reducing your risk of injury.)
  • Joe D. Discusses the Importance (or lack thereof) of Strength Training for MMA Athletes. He Also Reveals the Biggest Mistake MMA Athletes Make in the Weightroom.

All this plus a NEW “Stuff That Pisses George DeFranco Off” segment and Much, MUCH more!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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