Episode # 387

Joe D’s Longevity Cheat Code

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Released on September 22, 2022


1:00 – Show intro

4:40 – Joe reads this week’s winning iTunes review

8:20 – Joe reads the listener question that prompted this week’s show topic: “The Longevity Cheat Code”

12:40 – Why you should get 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night

21:25 – The importance of “turning your passion into your career”

29:20 – Why protein & water should build the foundation for any diet

42:35 – Why strength training & walking are the two best forms of exercise

51:30 – The importance of getting comprehensive blood work 2X per year [and eating/supplementing based on your deficiencies]

57:40 – Joe offers an impromptu discount on his “Essential AF” supplement stack!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Hey Joe.
    Big fan and first time sending in a question.
    Been following you for a few years now, recently became a member of Defranco insider and training on your Forever Strong program. Loving it and truly thankful for all your content.
    My question is, what are your thoughts on these very popular HIIT style classes with a night club feel to them. Loud DJ music, dark rooms and or strobe lights? Do these training environments have a negative or positive effect on training?
    Many thanks in advance.

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