Episode # 277

Joe’s Live [Uncensored] Reaction to his MRI Results, Long-term Shoulder Health for Dummies & More!

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Released on July 30, 2020


0:00 – Show into | Joe recaps his recent family vacation

13:40 – Joe’s recent MRI experience

19:35“MuscleUpAugust” Supplement $ale Announcement!

21:25 – Joe shares his current supplement stack

25:30Podcast begins | BREAKING NEWS!

29:00 – Joe makes a prediction before reading his MRI report

39:10 – Joe begins to read/react to his MRI results!

51:45 – “Wooder break” talk 🙂

1:02:45 – Joe reveals the Top 3 things YOU can do to avoid shoulder issues later in life


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Joe: I’m sorry to hear about the extensive damage to the shoulder. I had a supraspinatus tear and bicep tenodesis which I had repaired on May 29. Nine weeks out and I’m back at the gym and on the tennis court. Thank you for the three shoulder tips. My therapist has me doing snow angels on a foam roller.

    I’m looking at one of your programs to rebuild myself. I purchased Built to Last. Might that be a good program or might something in Defranco Insider be better.

    Thanks and best wishes.


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