Episode # 302

Life/Longevity Lessons from my 102-Year-Old Grandma

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Released on January 28, 2021


1:00 – Show intro | Joe’s tribute to his grandmother

8:40 – Top 3 “Longevity Lessons” that Joe learned from his grandmother

40:05 – Q1: “What exercises does Joe recommend when a client can’t even perform a bodyweight squat?”

55:35 – Q2: “How/Why do newbie’s increase their strength before seeing any visible changes in size?”

1:05:30 Q3: “If flexing the spine under load is dangerous, why do so many coaches teach a posterior pelvic tilt when performing Hip Thrusts?”

1:12:45“MuscleUpFebruary” Sale Announcement!

1:14:052021 CPPS Course Announcements!



Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Meant to put this here…

    Hey Joe, first and foremost God bless you, your family, and your Grandmother. I had my Grandmother until she was 95 and it was still one of the toughest losses I ever experienced. My Grandmother was born in 1919 so she came up during the same period yours did, so it goes without saying how tough they were. I enjoyed the podcast, it made me laugh and made me think about my Grandmother as well.
    Something you said in later in the podcast triggered my question. You made mention of people having the goal of being “in the best shape of their life” My question is, as a 40 year old, how do I measure that. I, like you, am an Italian from Jersey and a former high school running back. I didn’t have Joe D. strength back in the day, but at 20 years old and 175 lb I could max out at 315, deadlift in the low 400s, run a 4.7 40 (not great, but not bad), run 2 miles in 14 minutes, and basically hop out of bed and touch the floor with my palms down flat and legs straight with no problem. Obviously some of those things don’t make sense or work for 40 year old washed up meathead me. So my question is, what is the equivalent “best shape of my life” for a 40 year old washed up meathead who still wants to look like he can handle his business, and move really well? If this makes sense to you I thought it might be an interesting podcast topic, if not, thanks for reading and for all that you do!

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