Episode # 208

From Wings to Rings: How Liv Morgan Went From Hooters to the WWE!

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Released on March 28, 2019


0:10 – Show overview

5:45 – DeFranco Supplement $ALE Announcement!

7:30 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active®

2013 tweet from when Gionna Daddio first started training w/ Joe for her WWE tryout.

11:20 – Liv Morgan podcast begins…

14:15 – Why Liv dropped out of high school

19:00 – The back story of how Liv found Joe and started training at DeFranco’s Gym

22:30 – Liv & Joe recall her first session at DeFranco’s Gym

29:00 – How Liv performed at her WWE tryout

32:20 – “Growing up” in DeFranco’s Gym

35:20 – How Liv got to the gym each day (without a license)

36:15 – Liv’s first time on an airplane [hilarious story]

40:30 – Liv describes her mindset going into her WWE tryout

45:25 – The importance of reflection

53:50 – Where was Liv (and how did she react) when the WWE called and offered her a contract?

56:30 – The toughest part of being in NXT (WWE’s developmental program)

1:00:00 – Did Liv ever consider quitting during her tough times in NXT?

1:03:15 – The (shocking) record that Liv broke at DeFranco’s Gym

1:07:45 – How did Liv find out she was getting “called up” to WWE’s main roster?

1:13:45 – Liv’s LEAST favorite exercise at DeFranco’s Gym

1:16:50 – Liv shares her final thoughts


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. I love Liv (Ms. Daddio)! Beautiful, talented, and , Im guessing, an extremely nice person. Im in Massachusetts now, but I lived most of my adult life in NJ. I knew (not well) 2 Daddios there (they were twins). That was in Trenton.

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