Episode # 10

Lucy DeFranco Interview (Mother’s Day special)


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Released on May 7, 2015

This weeks show started with Joe answering an email from an aspiring personal trainer who wanted to know what pisses Joe off about Personal Trainers. This led to a rant in which Joe revealed his Top 5 Personal Trainer Pet Peeves. After Joe finished his rant, his mom (Lucy DeFranco) joined him for a special Mother’s Day interview.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • The story of George DeFranco following a man home after the man gave George the finger
  • What “Black Friday” meant to the DeFranco family during Joe’s childhood years (HINT: more George D. “pissed off” stories :))
  • The secret to George & Lucy’s 45-year marriage!
  • How Lucy deals with her Multiple Sclerosis and why she’s the strongest DeFranco of them all!
  • The Top 5 supplements for people living with Multiple Sclerosis! (MUST LISTEN: Lucy talks about the supplements she feels prevented the lesions on her brain from getting worse. *Discussion starts 1hr 4min into the show.)
  • Lucy’s most difficult parenting moment
  • In what ways is Joe most LIKE his mom?
  • In what ways is Joe LEAST like his mom?
  • 2 things about Joe DeFranco that NO ONE KNOWS (but now you do thanks to Lucy :))

All this plus Much, MUCH more!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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